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Monday, July 5, 2010

Greg Kitchel - It's Never Too Late... To Do Nothing At All

Greg Kitchel - It's Never Too Late... To Do Nothing At All
2010, Mountain Music

Splitting time between Baja California and Reno, Nevada, Greg Kitchel lives the life of a troubadour. Kitchel’s prefers to play original material, but peppers his live shows with covers that are well off the beaten track. Kitchel’s debut album, It’s Never Too Late…To Do Nothing At All mixes honest remembrance, humor and the simple joys of everyday life across twelve charming country/folk songs.

Kitchel opens with "Had To Go Back", a song about vice and how we can escape the things that hurt us only to fall into them again even when we know better. "Ice Cream Sunday" reflects a seriously positive outlook on life offered as back porch musical philosophy. Kitchel pays tribute to a summer food favorite with "Homegrown Tomatoes" while paying tribute to the joys of a simpler life style than many lead anymore.

Turning to relationships, Kitchel drives into "Cold Shoulder" on the way to "Graduation Day ('57 Buick)". "Graduation Day" is a song about revisiting the past, and a reminder that sometimes the past is best viewed from the distance of years. "A Couple Of Bad News" reflects the poor choices of a life, from illegal activities to poor choices in women in a cute and funny ode to falling down and getting back up again. Hot and spicy foods get their moment in the sun with "The Devil's Habanero" before Kitchel gets cute with "It's Never Too Late... To Do Nothing At All". The pluses and minuses of getting older show up in "A Little Older, A Little Wiser", also displaying the differences of perspective about aging between the old and young. Kitchel reflects again on poor love choices in "The Woman I Love", a funny bit of bad history. "Blue Collar Blues" is bluesy country; a daydream of escape from work-a-day drudgery. Kitchel closes with "Closer To God, Farther From The TV", a poignant number about life's priorities.

Greg Kitchel doesn't sound much like anyone in the world of country or folk these days. Rather, he's reminiscent of folks such as Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins or even Phil Harris. Kitchel's guitar work certainly seems to fall into the Atkins CGP school of play, and his folksy, humorous story-telling style is highly entertaining. Kitchel's lyrics aren't overly sophisticated, but he tells good, honest stories laced with heart and wit, and it's hard not to like the songs and presentation on It's Never Too Late...To Do Nothing At All.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Greg Kitchel at It's Never Too Late...To Do Nothing At All is available in multiple formats from Amazon and iTunes.

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