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Monday, December 31, 2007

Advertising on Wildy's World

We do have a limited number of advertising slots on Wildy's World for bands/artists, PR firms or companies otherwise connected in some way to the music business. Ads will appear in the right margin column of the web page and will be seen by an average of 200 visitors each day. Standard size is 150 px x 100 px - 150 px. You design the ad. (We do ask that if you build a link into your banner that it be set to open the destination page in a new window rather than in the same one). Wildy's World does reserve the right to reject any ad whose content runs counter to the standards used on our own site, but this should generally not be a problem. Ad space can be purchased for any window between one week and one year. Rates are as follows:

1 Week - $ 15.00
1 Month - $ 45.00
6 Months - $ 225.00 (a $270.00 value)
1 year - $400.00 (a $540.00 value)

Long term ads can have content changes with 5 days notice.

Ad payments can be made through PayPal to If you purchase a short term ad (week/month) and convert it to a longer term ad before the original term expires, the original ad rate will be applied to the longer term cost. (For example, if you purchase a one month ad, and up it to a six month before the original ad expires, then the $35.00 paid for the original ad will be applied to the 6-month rate of $190.00.

If you have any questions, email Wildy at Be well!

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