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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Politics: Conservative Ideals

My friend Dave says it sounds like I've abandoned my conservative ideals. He says this in the context of some of my posts in this forum. I don't quite agree with his opinion, but I'll clarify a few things here.

I am very much a supporter of Barack Obama for president, and have, in the past year, switched my party affiliation to Democrat after being a lifelong Republican. I don't consider myself to be a Democrat in-as-much as being liberal. I am currently a Democrat because the party currently has something to offer to me, and that is the candidacy of Barack Obama.

I have come to the conclusion that neither party apparatus really represents people anymore. Both have their pockets jammed too deep with the hands of corporate America. The Republicans have abandoned the conservative values and ideology that made them such a force during the Reagan administration. The Democrats are what they are.

Obama may be liberal in some of his ideology, but he is conservative in his regard for the Constitution and the rights/responsibilities of citizens. He uses some traditionally liberal ideals to help address societal imbalances, but the goal of his policies is a more conservative outlook, where people take responsibility for their own well-being.

I perhaps would never have become enamored with his campaign if the Republicans had not lost site of their ideals; Obama himself perhaps would not be a viable candidate in a system where either major party truly worked to represent the people, but they do not and he does.

I still believe in Family. I believe that we are a nation created and formed under the influence of Judeo-Christian values, as the Framers did. I believe that we have strong yet flexible system of governance that was designed to allow the best aspects of humanity to flourish while holding in check the basic and inherent human flaws we all possess. And most of all I believe that we are all better off when government stays the hell out of the lives of individuals and in the face of corporations.

We are who we are. We are at our best when we can stretch and grow, and we are at our safest when we our reminded by our friends, neighbors and family from time to time when we stray off the path. Even when we don't like to hear it.


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Life: Dirty Old Man

Last weekend I was out shopping with my wife and son. The Wegmans supermarket in Williamsville has daddy changing stations in the men's room, which is great because I can give the Mrs. a break by changing a diaper while we're out. So I took my son in to change him. Typical diaper, big ka-ka and all that. While I was changing him I noticed this old man walk in behind us and go over to do his business. I saw him walking back behind me a minute or two later. As he walked behind me I hear said, very quietly, "May I be next, sir?"

The guy just kept walking and left the bathroom.

Sick old man.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

REVIEW - The Squires Of The Subterrain - Feel The Sun

The Squires Of The Subterrain – Feel The Sun
2008 (self-produced)

If Brian Wilson had grown up in Liverpool rather than sunny southern California, you might have heard this record circa-1965. The Squires of the Subterrain have a sound that is pure Beatles as they might have been produced by the creative and sonic force behind the Beach Boys. Instead, The Squires come from the “underground” of the Rochester, NY music scene.

Feel The Sun is a must-have for Beatles fans. The CD has very strong song-writing, a genuine flow throughout the album, excellent musicianship and above-average vocals (ala John Lennon). This is also a great recording for fans of lo-fi/garage/DIY rock with a pop/60’s feel. Highlights include “Feel The Sun”, “Alexander Mannequin”, “Her Story” and “Terrified!” The absolute standout of the album for this reviewer is “Concerning Helen White”. You won’t find a finer piece of 60’s influenced pop anywhere on the planet.

Rating: Buy It Now!

You can check out The Squires at You can purchase copies of Feel The Sun at

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

POLITICS: Don't be surprised if...

Imagine you were running for President. You started out as the presumptive nominee for your party. You had all the establishment ties and the political machine was ready to mow down all comers on your behalf. But something unimaginable happened on the way to the convention floor: Some upstart built and managed a campaign far superior to yours and left you on the outside looking in. You fought and fought right down to the wire but still couldn't get the nomination.

Now imagination that you felt entitled to the Oval Office. Imagine as if it had been something you'd been promised for 10 years or more, say by a relative who had sat there. You might think that this young whippersnapper should be taken down at any cost, even if it meant destroying your own political party for the next 10-20 years. Assume too that you are impetulant and prone to fits of temper when you do not get what you want.

Your party has turned its back on you and your birthright. So what do you do?

Perhaps you start angling to the be the VP candidate for the other party. This could never happen of course. The other party hates you. They hate you more than they hate sin and vice (at least publicly). But what they fear most is this young upstart, because they are not really sure if they can beat him. The old party is not sure if they can take on this bulwark of the younger generations without looking old, stuffy and perhaps even racist.

And a large number of your supports would cross party lines to follow you, because you are essentially a Democrat in name only (DINO). So DINO that you are, you would be willing to cross lines to hold the VP seat as the first woman ever to do so, knowing that the presidential nominee is one fall or a few incoherent days from stepping down. Besides, it would keep that jerk who outcampaigned you from getting what is rightly yours.

Wouldn't it?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

REVIEW: rew - that*s*rite

rew – that*s*rite
2007 rew

rew traces her performance roots back to vaudeville, where her grandmother performed with the likes of the late, great Jimmy Durante. rew has learned well the tenets of that art form, taking turns on her CD that*s*rite as vulnerable waif, bawdy vixen and spry commentator on the inanities of life. This is all done under a sheen of grrrrl power rock reminiscent of Bif Naked and Tanya Donnelly.

rew writes songs about relationships and emotions without coming off as trite or forced. "U Suck" in particular is very bold but emotionally honest and just a bit funny. "Skeletonz" and "U Pursued Me" are also highlights. The recording itself is sonically primitive (garage sound) and works very well for the material here. I have the distinct impression that these songs lose a bit on CD when compared to the live environment, but as a work, that*s*rite is a very solid recording.

If you live in the New York City area, I would highly encourage you to check out one of rew's shows, and the disc is definitely a keeper.

Rating: Buy It Eventually.

You can learn more about rew at You can purchase copies of that*s*rite at

REVIEW: Nad Neslo - Back From Gone

Nad Neslo – Back From Gone
2007 Nad Neslo

There is something to be said for period music. The ability to transport your listener(s) to a different time and place is special, and Nad Neslo accomplishes it admirably on Back From Gone. Imagine this scene: It's the mid 1970's. You're hanging out with a couple of friends in your parents’ basement, making sneaking a beer or two from the fridge upstairs. The record player is on and your friend just brought over this great new record of guitar-driven psychedelic rock. You just sit back let the music wash over you and talk jack with your friends.

Back From Gone could easily be the soundtrack to that scene. With guitar work that reminisces of the Doors and sometimes even Mark Knopfler, Nad Nelso has made a very distinct and successful record. A series of sonic landscapes punctuated by a cover of Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer", Back From Gone is a must for a relaxing evening at home or a rainy weekend. The highlight of the disc may just be Neslo's tribute to D.B. Cooper, and "Garnet Mountain" has a persnickety bass line that will have you grooving in your barcalounger.

Check this out. Nad Neslo has a very original sound in this day of pre-packaged guitar rock, and his vocals will remind you faintly of Jim Morrison at times. It's a great disc, even if it may be one of those "I have to be in the right mood for it" selections.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

You can learn more about Nad Neslo at You can purchase copies of Back From Gone at

Opinion: The Final Nail in the Clinton Campaign

It's over.

I know there are ten primaries left (12 if Florida & Michigan revote), but Barack Obama this morning drove the final nail into the coffin of the Clinton campaign. Responding to endless media raving about controversial statements by his former pastor as well as the general racial overtones of the Democratic nominating contest, Barack Obama pulled the biggest political turnabout of the season: He told America the truth.

This wasn't the capitulation the Clinton campaign was hoping for. A capitulation by Obama at this stage would have handed the nomination to Clinton. Instead Obama stood up in Philadelphia and explained in words everyone could understand what it is like to be black in America. He then went on to talk about the similarities to being white and not part of the privileged elite in America, all the while acknowledging our differences.

For today, Barack Obama was not a candidate for president; he was the leader we've all suspected he could be. He laid out for America the need to see our differences for what they are, and then to look beyond them and see our common goals and aspirations. He challenged America to do unto others as we would have done to and for ourselves. He challenged this immature and needy social society to grow up just a little bit and take on the responsibilities of citizenship that go hand-in-hand with our rights.

He also displayed the kind of integrity and honesty it takes to be an effective leader. He discussed the statements of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright and repudiated them as divisive, while challenging us to understand where such thoughts and feelings come from. He also shared in general terms instances where his Caucasian grandmother had made racially insensitive comments that made him "cringe", and contrasted that with the fact that his grandmother loves him like no other. The message encompassed the imperfection of the human spirit, the hope and strength it takes to make a difference in the world, and offered himself as a leader who could help us break down the barriers between us all.

Today, Barack Obama showed that he is the type of leader who can and will help us overcome these barriers. After generations of politicians who have used these natural human tendencies to play up racial barriers and play us off one against another, we have in our midst a leader who wants to break down barricades so that our society may build upon the strength of each of its parts and catalyze into something greater than what we currently are.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor John McCain has the ability or the desire to lead us in this new direction. Their politics is built on fear and divisiveness. Their politics is built on letting us all fight each other rather than fighting for the common good. If we want to continue to be a great nation, and in the long, if we want to continue to be, we need to change our compass away from the racially divisive discourse of the past and remember that we’re all on the same boat here.

Barack Obama understands that. Among many other reasons, it’s one that he should be our next president.

Monday, March 17, 2008

REVIEW: Scott Alexander Makes Friends [EP]

Scott Alexander – Makes Friends [EP]
2007 Yomyamyeyemyaz Productions

Scott Alexander is a coffee house poet who happens to be a classically trained musician; a talented music educator whose stream-of-consciousness songwriting style disarms the listener with its candor. Mr. Alexander pays homage to the likes of Lou Reed, Billy Bragg and Jonathan Richman as influences, but he also could be described as sort of a punk Garrison Keillor. On Scott Alexander Makes Friends he talk/sings through three songs that at first sound like condemnations of world around him, but end up as condemnations of self.

The key to Scott Alexander is a thriving insecurity that runs through his music and performance art-like self-promotion. A self-deprecating spirit that could be self-destructive is instead used to comment effect to further disarm the listener. It’s not until you’ve listened through the EP a couple of times that you find yourself saying, “Hey, this guy has a lot to say!”

The effect is almost too good. Some will write off Scott Alexander as a quasi-depressed novelty act; He is anything but. While this EP is not enough of Scott Alexander to say you know him, it’s similar to a speed dating encounter, leaving you with just enough to know you’d like to find out a little more.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

You can learn more about Scott Alexander at, and you can purchase copies of his EP at

Friday, March 14, 2008

Clinton v. Obama; electability

I am 37 years old, and until this year I have always voted for the Republican candidate for president. I was too young to vote for Reagan, but I would have if I could have. I have voted for various Bushes 4 times, and Bob Dole. Keep in mind that particularly with W I voted for him not so much because I thought he was a good candidate, but that he was the best choice offered from the two major parties (that's not saying a lot).

In early January of this year I changed my party registration to Democrat to support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I know that he has been ranked the most liberal senator out there, yet he holds something akin to a constructionist view of the constitution, and his policies do not smack so much of pure liberalism as a non-conventional approach to conservative fiscal values. On the social side he's more liberal on some things than I would like, but I am not so naive as to expect complete agreement with anyone on all issues. I respect him for his (apparent) integrity, strength of character and cool demeanor under pressure.

Regardless of whether they have actually changed their affiliation, there are many, many people in the electorate like me. We are not so much being called to the Democratic Party as we are to the Obama campaign. Yet the fact is that if Obama becomes the nominee and then the president, many of us disgruntled Republicans and Independents will find more to call our own within the Democratic Party. Social Psychology being what it is, if Obama is the nominee, and we can vote for him, we'll be more likely to vote for the people he campaigns with and for on lower levels (House, Senate, Governors, etc.). Over time some of us will more closely identify with the Democratic Party and perhaps even change our allegience as demonstrated through registration.


Many of us are looking for a leader who will (at least attempt) to rise above the bitter partisanship that has marked the past 20 years of political discourse in this country. We see the problems facing our country in the numbers in our checkbooks and how they continue to diminish in the face of rising corporate profits, banking scandals, rising fuel and heating costs, etc. We look at Hillary Clinton in particular as part of the machine that got us to where we are. She has tried to change her colors on the campaign trail and be more populist in her tone. This works for people who haven't been following things closely for the past 20 years, but to look at her history it's very clear that she is a part of the establishment.

McCain has positioned himself as something of a maverick over the years, but now seems ready to fall in line with the NeoCon method for economic stimulation (lower or eliminate taxes for rich and corporate citizens).

Whether he can effect the type of change we want is still to be seen, but it is very clear based on history and character that neither McCain nor Clinton will bring about any great alteration in the way that things are done in Washington. Obama has the demeanor and the will to at least try, and there is some indication that he may build the sort of popular support amongst the electorate (political capital) that will allow him to enact what he envisions.

The Clinton campaign, in trying to woo the super delegates to their side, argues that the Democratic Party will rally to her side if she is the nominee. They point to the strength Democratic turnout in primaries this year and say that they can win. But they can't. That historic turnout isn't being driven so much by Clinton. She is not news. Anyone who's paid attention has known since the beginning of her first Senate run that she was angling for the presidency. She's never denied it.

Many of us disaffected Republicans and interested Independents have swelled the rolls of the Democratic Party this year because of Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton. And while it's clear that Clinton supporters (traditional Democrats) will likely support whomever is the nominee, it is highly unlikely that the coalition of new and pending Democrats will fall in line for Clinton. She represents the kind of politics we all want to move away from. We want a new model of diplomacy and governance from our president. We want the kind of president that Barack Obama would seem to be.

And let's face it, if we are stuck with the old model of the presidency, McCain is much more trustworthy than Clinton. He's served in the military and he's fought against Republican administrations for years for issues. Clinton's fights in the political realm have focused on a Blue Dress, pig futures, shady real estate deals, the supposed suicide of a top administrator and "friend" who happened to have been feeling remorse about his role in some of the above and was considering talking about that... the list goes on.

The Democratic Party has a choice. It's similar to the choice the Republican party has faced over the past 10 years and fumbled badly on. Embrace the reality that many of us are interested in the political process, and want a candidate for president that we can believe in as a person, not just as a replaceable representative of a political platform. This new coalition of potential and pending democrats and aligned Independents is quite large and quite formidable. We'll support Obama, and feel more kinship with the party that places him in a position to win the presidency and change the direction of this country. At best many of us will abandon a party that pushes him aside for Clinton lies and dirty tricks. At worst we'll give our votes to the other side.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

REVIEW: Sailing To Rome - An Outline For Reason

Sailing To Rome – An Outline For Reason
2007 Sailing To Rome

Buffalo, New York has a great tradition of hard rocking bands, from Cannibal Corpse to the Goo Goo Dolls to Every Time I Die, with lots of bands in between. Sailing To Rome sends a very clear message with their debut, An Outline For Reason that they are next.

The album opens with a guitar riff that would fit on any classic Iron Maiden album (“In Our Sleep”), and delivers some of the best melodic hark rock I have heard in some time. Sailing To Rome incorporates an unusual sense of melody and harmony into their songwriting for a band walking the line between punk/hardcore/metal. The vocals are accessible and understandable, and both lead singers are in excellent voice here.

I often try to find other bands/artists to compare to in a review to help readers get an idea for the sound, but Sailing To Rome is very difficult to peg, as they really don’t sound like anyone else. The mix of influences and creative talent has catalyzed into a truly unique, driving and listenable sound. There may be a tendency here at times to overuse screaming for effect, but on the whole this is a very original while still commercial album.

It is difficult to pick favorite songs here, but I would say that highlights are “In Our Sleep”, “Track Record”, and the title track. Sailing To Rome has gained a reputation in the Buffalo area for incredible, high-energy live shows, and some of that spirit comes through here. An Outline For Reason is the kind of debut that can push a band to stardom with the right breaks, and should serve as a reminder to the world at large that there’s a lot more to Buffalo than snow and chicken wings. Check out Sailing To Rome, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: Buy It Now!

You can learn more about Sailing To Rome at You can order copies of An Outline For Reason at You can also download An Outline For Reason from iTunes!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Politics: The Clinton Factor

A great deal was made during impeachment hearings of what Bill Clinton did to whom, and when, and for how long, etc. What was on the blue dress? How did it get there? Republicans in particular hammered Slick Willie for the fact that he had sex in the oval office, disrespected the office of the president and all that jazz.

None of that really mattered of course. I am sure William Jefferson was not the first sitting president to have sex in the oval office, with or without the respective spouse. Presidents have a long history of character flaws and behavior that are not "befitting" the office. The old adage is that the greater the character the greater the flaws, and this generally turns out to be true.

What truly rankled me, as a concerned citizen, was the legal defense put forth by the Clinton administration.

Not to be too base here, but if Clinton came out and said "Yeah, I did (it/her)", everyone would have forgiven and forgotten and the impeachment mess never happens. Instead we had a series of receding denials as more evidence was brought forth, public discourse on the definition of "is", and a general collapse of the public awareness of what government was doing on a day-to-day basis. Everyone was on board for the show, never mind that man behind the curtain.

Here is the rub. The President of the United States of America is, among other things, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the country. The President's ultimate responsibility is to ensure that laws of the land are enforced. This means that the integrity of the person sitting in the Oval Office is not just a sidebar, but is paramount to deciding whom should hold that office. It also means that any actions done by a chief exective in the public realm that conflict with or negate their moral authority to enforce the law compromise that person's ability to successfully prosecute the office of the President (or Governor, in the case of New York's Eliot Spitzer).

So when Bill Clinton went before Congress and lied under oath, that was more than just lying about infidelity. The infidelity itself doesn't really matter in the public realm. That in and of itself was and is solely between Bill, Hillary and Monica Lewinsky. But when Bill Clinton lied under oath, he told everyone in the world that the laws of the United States, which he was charged to uphold, didn't apply to him the way they should to everyone else. At that point right there he lost all moral authority to sit in the oval office.

This was a legal defense put forth on Bill Clinton's behalf. Bill Clinton was only acting under the advice of his lawyer; the individual charged with constructing the legal defense. While Bill Clinton was responsible for the actions of his representative, the representative was concocting a legal strategy built on lies and obfuscation. The lawyer in question was advising Bill Clinton to lie to the American people and Congress under oath, because the laws didn't apply to him, the President, the way they applied to everyone else.

By all accounts, the person leading the legal defense for William Jefferson Clinton was none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So to the good people of Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, and all the other states and territories to come, remember who you are considering for the Democratic Party nomination. Do you want someone who wants to build this country back up, or do you want someone who actually advised a sitting president to lie under oath to congress because the rule of law doesn't apply to the president the way it does to everyone else?

Don't vote for the dissembler.
Choose the assembler, be part of the solution.
Vote for Barack Obama.

Politics: Eliot Spitzer, Hillary Clinton: Enough!

Eliot Spitzer.

The governor of New York known for cleaning up Wall Street, the Public Sector, and yes, even prostitution, has put his hand in it, or so it would seem. Word has come down that Mr. Spitzer was caught on federal wiretap arranging for a call girl to travel from New York to Washington D.C. for sex. Not only that, but he was the reason for the investigation. Let me repeat that. Eliot Spitzer was the reason the whole investigation started. Apparently Mr. Spitzer was moving money around from account to account in a way that caused his bank to notify federal authorities of potential impropriety.

The investigation apparently began as one of Mr. Spitzer, to see if he was attempting to hide non-traditional income such as bribes. The investigation led to the arrest of four defendants thus far, and will likely lead to indictment of Mr. Spitzer on one or more charges. One assumes that the only public act left for Mr. Spitzer is to step down and relinquish the governorship of New York, as his political career is over, and he could be nothing more than a lame duck for the remainder of his current term.

While such an incident may not be fatal for every politician, Mr. Spitzer established his reputation as a reformer during eight years as New York State Attorney General. His squeaky clean image means that he can, and should, be judged more harshly than your standard everyday politician. It’s time for Mr. Spitzer to be the man of honor he’s always portrayed himself as and step aside, using the time to repair the damage he’s likely done to his family.

It occurs to me that this story has to be a nightmare for the presidential campaign of one Hillary Rodham Clinton. While no blue dress or intern was involved here, the kind of base philandering and disregard for the rule of law showed by Mr. Spitzer closely resembles that of one William Jefferson Clinton. Here in New York we are about to go through the sort of highly publicized scandal that nearly brought down the Clinton administration. This story has national legs, and has to serve as a reminder of the sort of day-to-day drudgery we had to endure with Bubba in the White House.

The associations it brings to mind for many could be a drag on the Clinton campaign, and it should be. The idea that Hillary can control Bill is a lark, and it is only a matter of time before being in the White House (even as First Maybe) goes to his head again. While there is no direct connection between Spitzer and the Clintons, this example of how scandal breaks down the ability for government to do its job should give us all pause when considering a return of co-presidents Clinton to the White House.

Friday, March 7, 2008

REVIEW: Neara Russell; Wendy Rowe - Food For The Gods

Neara Russell, with Wendy Rowe – Food For The Gods
2006, self-released

Peanut Butter and Cheese are two of my most favorite foods in the world. I could eat either one at most any time of day, but I don’t think I could ever lay a slice of cheese on a peanut butter sandwich. I am using this analogy to describe the sort of conflict I feel about Neara Russell’s debut CD, Food For The Gods.

Let me start with the components, which are wonderful. Neara Russell has composed original songs that cross lines from Chamber Music to New Jazz. Played strictly on piano, they create a mellow but vibrant landscape against which Ms. Russell’s (and even a few of her grandmothers) poems shine. The songwriting (or composition, if you prefer) reflect a maturity and panache far beyond Ms. Russell’s 20 years. There is a tremendous sense of melody, and the piano comes alive to carry the narrative in counterpoint to Wendy Rowe’s magnificent vocals.

Wendy Rowe is a soprano who Wagner himself would have died to have sing his songs. Her voice is angelic, and her interpretations here are beautiful.

Here is where the peanut butter and cheese analogy comes in. The component parts here are breathtaking and beautiful, but when put together, I had a hard time swallowing the finished product. Wendy Rowe’s voice overpowers the music here through much of the recording, making the moving intricacies of the piano disappear. This may just be an issue of the mix/production of the recording, but it did detract somewhat from my enjoyment of the disc.

Nevertheless, it is worth a listen or six. Neara Russell is a multi-faceted artist who also plays rock and roll, and who has displayed undeniable talent here on her debut CD. I will eagerly anticipate future recordings from Ms. Russell, either in the classical or pop/rock genres, because I believe she has a lot to tell us, and a lot of moving music within her to carry her stories aloft.

Rating: Buy It Eventually.

You can learn more about Neara Russell, and buy a copy of Food For The Gods at

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Politics: What are we thinking?

I am a little exasperated with the people of Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island this morning. Vermont is in my good graces.

I just do not understand how Democrats can continue to support Hillary Clinton. Looking at the long history of involvement of the Clintons in scandal, lying, deviation, potentially murder (Vince Foster), and dollars supporting them from overseas (China, the Middle East), I can not support this woman in her goal to be president.

I think it’s high time we have a woman president, as long as one who is qualified and has the right character and moral fiber to lead this nation comes along. Unfortunately character and moral fiber are not strong attributes on Hillary’s C.V. Hillary and her team are talking now about how a protracted fight will be good for the Democratic Party and how the party will be unified come November.

Hillary is in la-la land. The record turnout that has been seen in the Democratic Primary process has been inspired in large part by Barack Obama. Obama has pulled new people into the political process like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. He’s stood up there with a message of hope, a sense of dignity, manners, and policy positions that do not vary significantly from Hillary’s pseudo-conservative ones. He spent his life teaching constitutional law and helping the poor and indigent on the south side of Chicago better their lives. He is in this to build up America and improve our lives.

Barack Obama has been a gentleman through this campaign. He has vision and fortitude and for him it’s not about obtaining power for the sake of power. Contrast Obama’s years organizing people on the south side of Chicago with Hillary’s years on the board of directors at Walmart. Obama was helping people to make sure they were living in safe conditions with heat, hot water, proper safety considerations, etc. Hillary was actively suppressing union activity, keeping women out of management positions, paying minimum wage to employees and denying them healthcare.

In the end, Clinton doesn’t care about you or me. She cares about how we vote, but she can fool the poor and uneducated, or so she thinks. All she wants is power, and she’ll do anything to get it. Just ask Vince Foster’s survivors. She’ll destroy Obama. She’ll destroy the Democratic Party itself if that’s what it takes. She’ll do anything it takes for power and glory. She’ll tear the country apart if she has to.

Barack Obama will build us up.

It's the The Dissembler vs. the Assembler.

I'd rather build. Support Barack Obama.

Wildy Haskell