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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

REVIEW: rew - that*s*rite

rew – that*s*rite
2007 rew

rew traces her performance roots back to vaudeville, where her grandmother performed with the likes of the late, great Jimmy Durante. rew has learned well the tenets of that art form, taking turns on her CD that*s*rite as vulnerable waif, bawdy vixen and spry commentator on the inanities of life. This is all done under a sheen of grrrrl power rock reminiscent of Bif Naked and Tanya Donnelly.

rew writes songs about relationships and emotions without coming off as trite or forced. "U Suck" in particular is very bold but emotionally honest and just a bit funny. "Skeletonz" and "U Pursued Me" are also highlights. The recording itself is sonically primitive (garage sound) and works very well for the material here. I have the distinct impression that these songs lose a bit on CD when compared to the live environment, but as a work, that*s*rite is a very solid recording.

If you live in the New York City area, I would highly encourage you to check out one of rew's shows, and the disc is definitely a keeper.

Rating: Buy It Eventually.

You can learn more about rew at You can purchase copies of that*s*rite at

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