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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lindsay Mac - Remember (single)

Lindsay Mac – Remember (Single)
2014, Lindsay Mac
You might remember hearing about Lindsay Mac’s 2008 release, Stop Thinking.  We wrote about it here, and the album generated a lot of buzz in the Indie music press because of her innovative use of a cello (played like a guitar) in folk/pop songs.  Lindsay Mac’s background as a classically trained musician leads some to believe that she is all about breaking down musical barriers, when in truth she is just marching to the incessantly syncopated beat of her own drummer.  Lindsay Mac tries knew things not shock or are others, but to please her ever curious and creative mind.  That being said, you might wonder to what uses she is putting her cello to these days?

On her latest single “Remember” (from the album Animal Again), Lindsay Mac leaves the cello behind, delving into a resilient blend of electro pop and dance.  “Remember” is as aesthetically pleasing as anything you’ve heard on the radio this year, with a joyous sense of melody and rhythmic poetry.  You will want to move your feet, but Lindsay Mac is an intelligent poet in dance diva clothes, and wends her way with intellect through the sweet and inspired love song that she crafts.  The topper of it all is Lindsay Mac’s voice.  She cants with a brilliant sweetness here, and you’ll find yourself putting her album, Animal Again, on your wish list.
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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