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Monday, February 25, 2008

Review: Stark - Put It To Your Head

Stark – Put It To Your Head
2007 Kicking and Screaming Music

What is a mild-mannered traffic reporter to do? A certain amount of angst builds up delivering the same messages of gridlock day-in and day-out in a major metropolitan area such as New York. Stark leader Lani Ford takes out her frustrations on the New York City Indie scene with great effect. Stark’s 2nd studio release Put It To Your Head evokes Courtney Love at her finest as well as the finely tuned angst of Green Day. Ford is joined for this release by guitarist Josette and drummer “Sweet Rob” Endemann. The sound morphs from CBGB era Punk to straightforward rock without losing a single identity, which is quite an accomplishment.

“18 Again” is a fun romp that will get your feet moving and looking for the pit. “I Pay” is the track that most evokes Courtney Love, and is a highlight. Other highlights include “Nothing’s Wrong”, “This Day”, “Disturbed”, and the acoustic version of “Butterfly”. The secret if Stark is that if strip away the amplifiers and attitude, they can really play and sing. This is a very talented young power trio who with the right breaks are destined for big things. Check them out, and if you’re in the city go see a show!

Rating: Buy It Soon!

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Thanks so much for the review! Lani/STARK:)