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Friday, February 22, 2008

REVIEW: Johnny Neel & The Criminal Element - Volume 1

Johnny Neel And The Criminal Element - Volume 1

Johnny Neel knows how to make good time, feel-good party music. His latest offering with The Criminal Element, Volume 1 builds on the success of Gun Metal Blue. Volume 1 isn't as straightforward, taking off into the occasional jazz/blues inspired jam session ("Slap It On Ya", "Funk Pump") but does hit the straight ahead rock sound fans will be familiar with ("Toasted", "Temperature"). Throw in the occasional ballad ("What Am I Gonna Do", "Find My Way") and you have a well-rounded musical experience.

Volume 1 is a solid rock album that would be a good fit in most music collections. The infectious feel-good vibe will have you coming back to listen again and again, and the variation in styles throughout the album will keep it new for a long time.

Rating: Buy it Eventually

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