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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

REVIEW: Lana Lane - Red Planet Boulevard

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard
2008 ProgRock Records

Lana Lane has been doing this a long time. The Queen of Symphonic Rock, as some fans call her brings a Nancy Wilson attitude to heavy guitar-oriented rock. Red Planet Boulevard is very successful in playing off her strong smooth rock vocals against rocking soundscapes. The album begins with "Into the Fire", an apt opening gambit that sets the tone for one wild ride. There is no weak material here, but the flow does lag occasionally on some of the slower songs ("Jessica", "No Tears Left"). These aren't bad songs; they just seem a little out of place here among the heavier rock fare. Save The World, Angels and Magicians and Capture the Sun are personal favorites.

This is a good opportunity to reacquaint yourself with Lana Lane, or to find out what she's all about if you are new to her muse. Jump in, the water's warm.

Rating: Buy It Eventually.

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