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Friday, February 15, 2008

REVIEW: Jamesking - Jamesking

Jamesking – Jamesking
2007 Self-released

Hailing from Toronto, Jamesking brings the sort of fresh perspective on R&B that the genre has quite frankly been waiting for. Harking back to a time when popular R&B/Funk was a means of musical expression and not just a formula, Jamesking creates intricate, smooth, hip and relevant music. Songwriter/guitarist Duff Demirovic has crafted a unique sound, aided by first class musicians Ran Caspi, Ilian Iliev and David Yoon. Add to all of this the heavenly vocals of Gyles and you have an explosive mix that will keep your feet tapping throughout.

Jamesking is a debut recording that would make its makers immensely rich and famous in a perfect world. “Reminisce” itself is a single that could easily be a gold record with the right push from a record label. Jamesking is just the right mix of old school R&B/funk with a modern pop twist to be something new, similar to the niche discovered/created by Gym Class Heroes. Musically this is much more complex than a lot of what you will hear on top-40 radio, a credit to Mr. Demirovic’s songwriting talents (check out “Melody Wasted”, a particular gem). Don’t waste time, get to know Jamesking. If nothing else, you’ll begin a long association with one of the most talented and innovative R&B acts out there. If things work out well, you can say “I knew them when…”.

Rating: Buy it Now!

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