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Saturday, February 23, 2008

REVIEW: Neil Carswell - Good Man's Journey

Neil Carswell – Good Man’s Journey
2006 East Wind Records

Neil Carswell is no stranger to making great rock-n-roll music. As the force majeure behind 1990’s Southern Rock powerhouse Copperhead, Neil Carswell built a reputation for hard-driving rock. On Good Man’s Journey he takes a half-step back from his hard-driving Copperhead Days to reveal more nuanced song writing, but reminds us that he knows where the rock is on songs like “The Cain Preacher” and “Ruby Jane”.

“Edge of the Green” is the keeper of the album for this reviewer. Neil Carswell displays roots in rock, electric blues (ala Led Zeppelin) and even good old country music (Waylon, Johnny Cash). Good Man’s Journey is ultimately listenable and memorable. There is more subtlety and mind here than in much of the corporate rock you’ll hear on many hard rock stations. The songwriting and musicianship are top-notch, and the delivery is flawless. This is great music for a road trip or for when you just want to mellow out to some good old rock and roll.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

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