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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

REVIEW: Bayadera - Rotation Of The Earth

Bayadera – Rotation Of The Earth
Bitemark Records – Street Date March 18, 2008

Bayadera is a marketer's dream. I strongly suspect that you'll be hearing a great deal from this Orange County band. They have a very smooth, radio-ready sound supporting the sultry vocals of Gina Bandy. This is hip pop-rock with Latin guitar influences from guitarist Dat Nguyen (who happens to be blind) and the required amount mix of rock power chord progressions and electronic samples that make this a great sounding pop-record. This reviewer very much enjoyed the entire recording, Rotation Of The Earth will not be a disappointment to fans of the band, and will expand their listening base with the right breaks. My concern in listening is that it sounds to me like there's a great deal to Bayadera that just doesn't come through here.

There is distinct musical talent here, and the sound has understandably been honed to a commercial point that is nearly a perfect storm for the current music market demographic, but the earmarks are here of a much more musically deep and exciting band. I've never heard the band live, but anything I have read implies that Bayadera rock the house in a live setting. That just doesn't come through on Rotation Of The Earth. This fact doesn't change the fact that it's a great pop record; it just leaves me wanting what I missed out on from the CD.

The musical arrangements here are very tightly wound. You won't be able to stop yourself from tapping your feet or even breaking out into a full-blown dance. Rotation Of The Earth has the potential to end up on "Best of 2008" lists, and "Road To Nowhere" in particular sounds like a top-everything single. I just wish I could get over this feeling that something is missing here. The idea that this disc could have been even better…

Rating: Buy it Now!

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