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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bree Rose - Breakthrough [EP]

Bree Rose – Breakthrough
2012, Iafelice Publishing
Bree Rose Iafelice has been lighting up New Jersey stages for a few years now with pop/punk acts such as Rockit and The New Royalty.  Showing composure on stage that belies her seventeen years, Bree Rose also sallies forth with a voice that’s been compared to Avril Lavigne and Katie Perry.  I get the comparison, but there is something in the wonderful clear tone and ice edge that runs through the middle of Bree Rose’s voice that has the potential to raise her above either artist.  We see hints of this on Bree Rose’s solo debut EP, Breakthrough. 
Kicking things into gear with “Wake Of Our Reckoning” keeps the energy high on an Evanescence-style rocker, with Bree Rose showing Amy Lee-like vocal tendencies while pouncing her way through a challenging vocal line. “Hands Up” is wound up and wrapped up in electronic sounds, and is perhaps a bit overdone in this regard.  The song itself is well-written, and allows Bree Rose to show off the contrasts in her voice; lyricism and edgy power dance around each other here, giving no quarter and asking none in kind.  Bree Rose’s pop sensibility is flawless. Bree tones it down a bit on “I’m Not Afraid”, regaining some composure but not losing any of her dynamic appeal.  The song itself is a bit bland compared to the rest of the material on Bree, sounding a bit more pop radio oriented and safe.
“Breakthrough”, Bree Rose offers up an easily digestible piece of alt-pop with great pop sensibility and a memorable chorus.  The sonic filling is aurally appealing, as Bree Rose pulls you along in an active, energetic love song that gets stuck in your brain.  Bree Rose delivers on a stark, Cimmerian beauty with the ballad “Just Until You Bleed”.  The song construction here is intriguing, blending guitar, bass, drums and strings to create a gothic hard pop sound that you’ll be thinking about and returning to for some time.  Out of all this rises a memorable chorus; the sort that might just find its way through to commercial radio and stick around for a nice vacation on the charts.  Through it all Bree Rose is just on the edge of some emotional precipice; madness?  Perhaps.  It doesn’t matter; what does is the overall effect – amazing. 
Safe might work for airplay, but Bree Rose excels the most when she doesn’t play there.  That ability to hang on the knife’s edge and completely lose one’s self in a vocal performance is the borderland between a great vocal performance and a legendary one.  It’s often next to impossible to capture that dynamic in the studio, but Bree Rose dances with it on “Just Until You Bleed”.  Bree’s voice is a pleasure to listen to even when she isn’t all the way out there and Breakthrough is aptly titled; for this is the sort of breakthrough that leads to big, big things.
Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about Bree Rose at
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Art Decade - Western Sunrise

Art Decade – Western Sunrise
2012, Eldest Only Records
Boston rockers Art Decade team up with award winning producer Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust) to record their debut album, Western Sunrise.
Art Decade kicks things off with “A Lie”, an ambitious breakup song that can only be defined as orchestral rock.  The arrangement here is a thing of beauty, full of a deep musicality but maintaining a distinctive hard edge.  It’s a sonic landscape you’ll be happy to revisit, and a near-perfect opener.  “Western Sunrise” starts out like a balladeer’s tale, but soon breaks into a heavy progressive rock sound complete with strings.  Ben Talmi is outstanding on lead vocals, and the voices in harmony around him are perfectly fit.  Listeners will be blown away a sound that’s equal parts Yes, The Moody Blues, Polyphonic Spree and Break of Reality.
“I Try” finds Art Decade holding back just a bit on a solid album track.  The melody stands out, confined as it is in the gentility of the arrangement.  “Raspberry Universe” is a sonically expansive instrumental that sounds like the score of a spy thriller.  Manic and volatile, Art Decade is at their most unpredictable here.  Scaling things back for “Dandelion Tea”, Art Decade sounds more in synch with the mellow edge of Radiohead.  The ambling melody drifts steadily, but never loses coherence as it stumbles across an unusual and appealing sonic landscape.
“Breeze” is a dreamy orchestral number with a light, lilting feel.  The song has a melancholy air that’s inescapable.  “Weapon” finds Art Decade moving to the edge of dance music with an over-the-top, campy rocker.  Talmi reaches a bit too far past his comfortable vocal range here, but the effect in nonetheless entertaining.  Art Decade kicks it up a notch on “Steam Punk Sticker War”, using a dark guitar/bass sound as a contrast to the group’s buoyant vocal harmonies.  “Daydream” features the sort of chorus that stays with you for days, the primary hook buried deep in your aural pleasure center.  The simply complex arrangement seems like a light confection but is much deeper than it first appears.
Art Decade gets into the Beatles/Queen school of song construction with the musically multi-faceted “Kids And Kings”.  What starts out as a simple arrangement wrapped with a metaphor and gorgeous vocal harmonies becomes a complex cavern of musical ideas that wends its way around your brain.  Modern comparisons include Tally Hall and Tool, with Art Decade falling about half way in between.   Western Sunrise sets with “The Impossible”, an expansive piece of musical poetry.  Art Decade blows listeners away with a complex weave of sounds that is challenging and sonically appealing even at the unmanageable running time of 6 ½ minutes.
Every day a new band is born, and each one embraces a genre that has come before as the core of its sound.  Some bands are content with recreating sounds without adding a thing to them, while some add to the mix but choose to stay true to the roots of their style.  Occasionally a band transcends the sound they are born of and creates something new and exciting.  The jury is still out on Art Decade. But they’re knocking on the door of transcendence at times during Western Sunrise.  Much as the album title implies, Art Decade reorders the musical universe on an album that is frequently incredible, an occasionally genius.  Do not miss this one.
Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about Art Decade at  Western Sunrise is available through the e-tailers below.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Reviews, The Relay for Life, and what comes next

Hello friendly readers.  I know there are still quite a few of you out there because I see the daily numbers still clocking in at close to 300.  I have not been posting reviews here as regularly this month as I have been putting a lot of time into fundraising for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  Many of the artists we have covered over the last 4+ years have participated in the process, and you can follow our eBay auctions in the Wildy's World eBay Store!

And just because you haven't seen a steady stream of reviews getting published here doesn't mean they aren't getting written.  I've got quite the backup waiting for when I have time to actually get them posted.  You'll see some more regular posts as we move into July, and things should be entirely back to abnormal once we hit the busy fall music season.

In the mean time, I opened the eBay store for the purpose of running these auctions, but I would like to use it to help Independent artists move their product.  I am working on building a real presence on eBay for Wildy's World, as a one-stop shop for some of the best Indie music going.  I would like to focus on signed albums, unusual releases and/or memorabilia.  Things that might be unique, in addition to the regular music.  That is what will make the store a success for both Wildy's World and for the artists selling in it.  Let me know your thoughts.  If you're interested in listing items there we can discuss the details.  This won't go live until at least August or possibly September, so there is time to get all the details figured out.

Also, there is a big announcement coming, about a major musical event to be held in Central New York.  Check back here for details.  That's all for now!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold - The Sky Road

Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold – The Sky Road
2012, Jessie Kilguss & Radio Gold
Jessie Kilguss didn’t plan on being a singer/songwriter.  The classically trained actress was one of the afflicted girls in the screen adaptation of The Crucible starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder, an her training at NYU’s Tisch School of Fine Arts and Webber Doublas Academy of Dramatic Art in London had Kilguss well on her way to a successful acting career.  In fact, it was an opportunity to share the stage with Marianne Faithful that opened her eyes to a new world; a world in which Kilguss could be in creative control.  Switching gears, she began writing her own songs.  After two albums and a lot of gigs, Kilguss took her band Radio Gold to Ireland to record her third effort, The Sky Road.  Talk about transformations – in a few short year Kilguss has gone from a fledgling singer/songwriter to a highly capable artist who create moments of musical magic.
The Sky Road opens with “Take Me To The Ocean”, a rock-a-by pop song with escapist intentions.  The call of the ocean – of boundaries an what might beyond drives this wonderfully melodic tune.  Kilguss’ voice is as amooth as a placid pool but full of hidden, roiling depths.  “Counting Sheep” is a quirky little pop number about struggling to do the right thing in the long hours of the night.  This song manages to deal with deep and raw emotions that can never be smoothed over while maintaining a high polish.  On “Down The Line” Kilguss takes a melancholy look forward at the past in a soliloquy on the one who won’t stop haunting her thoughts.  This quiet an contemplative moment is full of angst, reverie and regret.
Kilguss gets medieval in “Die Dog Or Eat The Hatchet”, a dark but catchy tune full of animalistic aggression.  The juxtaposition between the darkness of the subject matter and Kilguss’ whiskey-smooth voice is compelling.  Radio Gold ads a sense of machismo to “10 Stories High” with some muscular yet reserved guitar work woven into a song of desperation.  Kilguss digs in with both hands and both feet, staying cool on the verses but showing a real egy mien on the chorus.  “The Sky Road” is amusical landscape, painted in notes, rests and serene timbres.  Kigluss shines in a moment of beauty by getting outside of herself and making the magic and mystery of childhood places the heart of this song.
"Gun Shy” is a relationship mea culpa, experiencing hesitation after a life full of impetuous decisions.  The authenticity here is impossible to ignore, as Kilguss wraps her story in a wonderfully catchy alt-pop gemthat has hit single written all over it.  “Keith & Anita” is a relationship post-mortem on a couple who only knew who to get along by fighting.  The song is well-written and souns like it badly wants to be a country tune. It works well here, but may have some stylistic development yet in the live setting.
“Riverboat Gamblers” is a road song transplanted to the Mississippi River; a omance of times gone by and a life of adventure of the sort that informe Mark Twain’s novels.  The song is incredibly catchy, a mix of classic R&B an Americana that’s quietly infectious.  Kilguss gets mellow on “Ringleader”, a melancholy rumination on power in a relationship.  Kilguss fins a true ‘wow’ moment here, both as a songwriter and singer.  Her voice is magically pure in this moment, as the dark underbelly of the song only slowly becomes clear admidst the sorrowful keening of a steel guitar.  Kilguss says goodnight with the twangy country rocker “Tennessee”.  It’s a horror movie in song; full of dark and light and a delightful story teller’s sensibility.  Kilguss’ sense of imagery and irony here is entertaining, especially as you through the layers of her story.
Jessie Kilguss continues to learn and grow as a songwriter, but has finally transcended the line where her artistic talent becomes self-feeding.  The Sky Road is redolent with that mix of good intentions and bad deeds that defines humanity, and mixes a strong sense of melody with a darkly disjointed compositional style that is both appealing and occasionally jarring.  The Sky Road offers songs of consistent quality spike with flashes of brilliance, and it’s hard not to think that Jessie Kilguss and Radio Gold are just getting warmed up.
Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more at  You can purchase copies of The Sky Road through the e-tailers below! There are CD copies about, but you might need to be at a show to catch one!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Antioquia - Viajero

Antioquia – Viajero
2012, Antioquia

Once in a while, something truly original comes along.  San Francisco-based art rockers Antioquia bring a unique sound, dubbed “Afro-Colombian Psychedelic Lovefunk” on their third album, Viajero.  Touring throughout the U.S. over the past four years, Antioquia has become a fan and festival favorite.  While staying mainly below the radar of commercial radio, Antioquia makes some of the most infectiously danceable rock and roll out there. Comparisons have been made to Fela, Pere Ubu and the Talking Heads, but the sound mix on Viajero is more of a blend of Was (Not Was), Rusted Root and the B-52’s.

Viajero is ingeniously constructed, with rock, ska and pop numbers woven in and around occasional segues into drum circles.  Throughout much of the album there is a sense that Antioquia is constantly on the edge between genius and epic fail.  The sound is a bit messy at times; the instrumentation is not traditional rock and roll, and the band takes a lot of chances.  Luckily they are up to the challenge, and the cascade of small successes here becomes thrilling to the listener.  The psychedelic space/punk opening song “Idaho” sets the tone, done in a scatter-art style with co-vocals that almost always entirely fail to be exactly in unison.  The energy and commitment of the band make this work better than perhaps it should.  “Attack Of The Killer Balafon” is an ironic little instrumental featuring the named subject surrounds by snarky electric guitar accents.  Instrumental humor is often subtle and hard to miss; not so here.

The edges get a bit rougher on “Sister”, marrying a nasty but subdued guitar lick, open percussion and aggressive female vocals with a heavy dose of feminism.  The artsy folk/punk style here is messy yet sonically appealing.  “Who That Be?” is one of those moments where you’ll be certain the wheels are about to come off the bus, but Antioquia survives the experience unscathed.  “Steamship Enterprise” is an ambitious art-rock exploration that builds from a basely repetitive opening into an expansive turn.  Antioquia gets an A for effort here, but there’s no payoff to the vision here.

Funky, messy and fun aptly describes “Mountains”, which sounds like it should have been a Don Was/Fred Schneider collaboration.  The drum circle comes alive on “No Sleep Til Oakland” and none too soon.  This song starts out as an unimaginative number, but is saved by the rhythmic transition.  It’s almost as if the band, recording live, realized the song itself wasn’t working and decided to simply drum instead.  “Rage Of Love” is a bit more experimental, starting out as a meandering number but growing into an expansive mellow rocker with progressive inclinations.  As stylistically unsettled as the number is, it works in the milieu that Antioquia has built here. 

“Dibon” is a brief drumming interlude that transitions into the catchy, angular pop of “Donde Quiero”.  Balafon, electric guitar and percussion drive this along, with lyrics in both English and Spanish.  Rachel Antony-Levin takes the vocals here, with a voice running the gamut from Tori Amos to Pat Benetar.  The song muscles up into a heavier rock sound before taking its leave.  Whimsical ska-pop is the order of the day on “There’s A Man Jumping Off The Planet”.  This entertaining little number devolves into a messy jumble of instruments and musical ideas at the end, but it’s a fun trip.  Interestingly enough, this is also the most polished song on the album; and might have some real potential as a single. 

Antioquia returns to the drum circle on last time for “Kassa – Nisoro”, before stepping out with a thoroughly asymmetric closer in “Back To The Mountains”.  This is perhaps the only true misstep on the album.  This live, in-studio recording is messy and unpolished; and it’s very apparent that Antioquia was having a blast doing it, but it simply does not sound very good.  Put at the end of an envelope that pushes the envelope artistically and musically, “Back To The Mountains” is really something of a letdown.  It’s an unfortunate choice for the last thing a first time listener will hear, as it doesn’t leave the best impression of the band.

Antioquia’s let it all hang out attitude is one of the biggest driving forces behind the success of Viajero.  As with all great traits, it has the potential to be their undoing on occasion as well.  On balance, however, Viajero flirts with brilliance throughout, dancing on the edge of failure and success where magic sometimes happens.  The blend of sounds and styles here is unique, and the slightly unpolished sound on Viajero means the experience have here will be much closer to what you’ll hear live.  It’s hard not to like Antioquia.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more at Viajero is available digitally from Bandcamp.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wildy's World Auctions (American Cancer Society)

Greetings fellow travelers!

Yes, there are more reviews coming.  I’ve been a bit slow on that front of late as I have been putting much of my spare time into fundraising for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life!  I have about 60 or so reviews in the can, most of them handwritten; all just waiting for me to find time to type them out.


But right now Wildy’s World is engaged in an exciting project!  We reached out over the past couple of months to the artists we’ve worked with over the past several years, and many have been gracious enough to offer their time and talent for song auctions on eBay (seller ID wildysworld).  The idea is simple:  The highest bidder from the auction gets to fill out a short survey telling the artist what they would like their song to be about.  The artist then takes that information and interprets it how they will.  The winner will then receive a recording of the song via email. 
The recording is expected to be a demo – clean but not necessarily the finished product you might hear on an album.  Some artists are going further than this based on the time and resources available to them.

Even some of the artists who do not have time to engage in the songwriting project are contributing.  One artist is donating a cover song – winner gets to pick the song, any song, and the artist will interpret it.  Still others have donated or promised to donate signed items, rare CDs, artwork, etc.  I’ve even added a few signed items I’ve personally received over the past four or so years to the mix.

As of this morning there are seven auctions live on eBay, and I would highly encourage you to check them out!  All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society through my Relay For Life Team, the Cave Crashers.  And even if you don’t want to participate in the auction, but want to make a donation on my behalf, you can do so through my personal Relay for Life page here.
Here are the auctions currently live.  All are for original songs written by the artist named:

Kati Mac (NYC)    - Ends today

John Mueller (Buddy Holly of Winter Dance Party) – End 6/9/12

Benjamin Russell (Canada) – Ends 6/10/12

Andy Hawk (Hamilton, VA) – Ends 6/11/12

The Spanish Channel (Brooklyn) – Ends 6/12/12

Missed You At The Show (Manchester, UK) – Ends 6/13/12

The Blisterz (Albany, NY) – Ends 6/14/12

The following auctions are forthcoming, with the start date listed.  All auctions are for original songs to be written, unless otherwise specified.

BFF (6/8/12)
Jodi Shaw (6/9/12)
Skyler (6/10/12)
Zak Smith Band (6/11/12)
KeyDragon (6/12/12)
The Amplifires (6/13/12)
The Modern Airline (6/14/12)
Randy Stern  (6/15/12)
Joshua Jesty  (6/16/12)
Deborah Crooks (6/17/12)
Mar Harmon of Music With Mar (6/18/12)
Jerry Falzone (6/19/12)
Brian Pounds (6/20/12)
Styx – Signed Electric Guitar (6/21/12)
The Energy Commission (6/22/12)
Jeneen Terrana (6/23/12)
Halie Loren – Cover song (6/24/12)
Aurical (6/25/12)
John Byrne (6/26/12)
Ron Hawkins of Lowest Of The Low – An original oil painting of Bjork (6/27/12)
Joel Dobbins (6/28/12)
Trout Fishing In America – Signed T-Shirts (6/29/12)
Amanda Belardinelli (6/30/12)
These Curious Thoughts (7/1/12)
Crown Point Band (7/2/12)
Steve Haggard (7/3/12)
Kaitlin McGaw (7/4/12)
Shane Lamb (7/5/12)
Amos Lee – Signed, rare CD (7/6/12)
James Scott Fant – 7/7/12
Beth Whitney – 7/8/12
Pat Flanakin – 7/9/12
Brother Joscephus – 7/16/12
Phoebe LegĂ©re – 7/18/12

As you can tell, we still have some dates to fill between 7/10 and 7/17/12.  If you would like to participate in an auction, please contact me at  I also have some items to be scheduled, including signed items from Val Emmich, Kristoffer Ragnstam, Lee Alexander (promised), Marian Call (promised), John Mueller and Stars Go Dim.

Bid early, bid often, and tell everyone you know.  Once again, all proceeds will go the American Cancer Society, so it’s all for a good cause! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jason Plumb and the Willing - All Is More Than Both

Jason Plumb and the Willing – All Is More Than Both
2012, Soccer Mom Records
Saskatchewan-based singer/songwriter Jason Plumb got his start in the early 1990’s as the front man for The Waltons.  Touring with Barenaked Ladies early in their career, The Waltons became a fan favorite across Canada and parts of the Northeast U.S, largely on the strength of Plumb’s songwriting and his voice.  The band waned with the 1990’s, and Plumb has gone on to become one of the most respect Indie songwriters in Canada.  Both as a solo artist and with his band The Willing, Plumb historically brings a quiet intensity and subtle melancholy to his songwriting that is compelling.  Plumb turns a corner on his latest album, All Is More Than Both, his third turn with The Willing.  With Canadian super-producer Michal Phillip Wojewoda at the helm, Plumb finds the anger and the joy embedded in his melancholy and lets it rip on what is his most vibrant album to date.
Recapturing a sonic vigor not seen since his earliest work with The Waltons, Plumb begins a full-on aural assault with “First Time”, a wondrous blend of 1980’s rock and Americana that recalls the glory days of a teenager and first love.  This is easily the most commercial single Plumb has produced in some time, but he does so without giving up a bit of quality in his songwriting.  The chorus is infectious and will inhabit your head for days; you won’t be able to help yourself from dancing and singing along.  “Losin’” has a much darker and heavier feel.  Co-written with Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies (who also contributes vocals here), there is a palpable anger to the song that may surprise longtime fans.
“What You Leave” is quite another matter altogether, a wonderfully melodic take on growing up, aging gracefully and coming to terms with what is important in life.  Former Barenaked Lady Steven Page lends his golden pipes in support of the most aurally appealing track on the album.  “Alone With You” is a catchy, mid-tempo anti-love song with a chorus that sounds like it belongs on 1970’s classic rock radio (Eagles, anyone?)  Plumb’s brilliance shines here in simple things, and you’ll find it hard to get this song out of your head.
Jason Plumb returns to gentle, melodic melancholy on “Hold On”, a gorgeous rumination on not being taken in again by love.  The vocals here are sublime, and Plumb builds the song in small measures to a chorus you simple cannot shake.  Listen for vocal support from Alexa Dirks, whose voice could light up a room.  “All By Myself” finds Jason Plumb and the Willing muscling up for a buoyant mid-tempo rocker full of the sort of hooks that make radio programmers drool.  Don’t be surprised if this song finds its way to the airwaves as we move into the summer months.
“On A Chain” blends pop and Americana in a brilliant reflection on not being able to break away from an old love.  The chorus is full of gorgeous vocal harmonies spread out around an edgy melody line; the contrast is appealing, and the mix of voices is pure magic.  Plumbs dips into romantic territory with “Falling Star”, which sounds as if it might have been left over from his Beauty In This World sessions.  It would, in fact, be surprising if this were a leftover, as the song is Plumb at his finest blend of poetry and melody.  It’s a beauty, and builds into a symphonic sounding chorus that leaves an impression on the listener.
"Under A Gun” finds Plumb sticking with his more lyric side, crafting a subtly beautiful melody line drenched in an ethereal, country-tinged arrangement that wraps you u and rocks you gently in its arms.  “Sweet Misery” starts with the simplest of piano lines and builds into an ode to the mix of suffering and joy that so often makes up love.  The twist here is that Plumb is looking back at someone from the past and realizing how good it was even if he couldn’t see it at the time.  Plumb reasserts his status as one of the finest working songwriters of his day right here.  You’ll have this song on continuous repeat.  Jason Plumb and the Willing close things out on a pragmatic note with the incredibly upbeat country/rock of “Naturally (Ain’t Up To Me)”. The chorus will invade your brain and refuse to leave as Plumb waxes poetic on a newfound acceptance of our ultimate place in life.
I’ll step outside the role of reviewer for a moment and offer a disclaimer: I have been a Jason Plumb fan for years.  I saw him with the Waltons back in the day when they opened for Barenaked Ladies in Ontario and small clubs in Buffalo.  I have followed his career as he has branched out; first on his own and later, with Jason Plumb and The Willing.  It’s not surprising that a fan is going to like the work of one of his favorite artists.  (Reviewer hat back on.)  What is surprising, however, is when a well-established songwriter who is respected by his peers remakes himself and raises the bar twenty-five years into a successful career.  Some credit has to be given to Michael Phillip Wojewoda for overseeing the same sort of transformation he has wrought with acts such as Barenaked Ladies, The Rheostatics, Spirit of the West and Ashley MacIsaac.  But the bulk of the credit goes to Jason Plumb and the Willing.  All Is More Than Both is brilliant from first note to last.  This is Prairie Music Award worthy, Juno Award worthy, and yes, GRAMMY Award worthy.  It’s also one of the easiest selections ever as a Wildy’s World Certified Desert Island Disc.
Rating:  5 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about Jason Plumb at or  All Is More Than Both is a Canadian release.  If you need a CD, you'll have to go MapleMusic.  Digital versions are available from the e-tailers below.

Please note that the prices listed above are as of the posting date, and may have changed. Wildy's World is not responsible for price changes instituted by

Saturday, June 2, 2012

John Mueller (Buddy Holly) could write a song for you!

Ever wish a great songwriter would write a song just for you?  Wildy's World is partnering with some of the best and brightest Indie songwriters working today to give you this chance as a benefit for The American Cancer Society!  Tonight a new auction has begun on eBay, featuring an original tune per your request from singer/songwriter John Mueller.  Mueller is best known for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in shows such as Winter Dance Party and Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, but Mueller is a very accompished songwriter in his own right, with a fine musical ear and a wicked wit. 

The winning bidder will fill out a brief survey telling Mr. Mueller who, what or where they want their song to be about.  John will then interpet the song in his own inimitable style, and record a demo of the song for the winner. 

Check out the John Mueller auction: eBay item # 221039131890. 

And don't forget we also have a song auction running for NYC singer/songwriter Kati Mac.  Check it out:  eBay item #221038586203

We have other great auctions coming up over the next 5 weeks or so from artists such as:

Benjamin Russell * Styx * Jerry Falzone * Mar Harmon (Music With Mar) * Halie Loren * Trout Fishing In America * The Energy Commission * Amos Lee * Marian Call * Lee Alexander * Spike Nicer * Amber & Dagger * Bucket Boys * Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings *  The Spanish Channel    *  The Blisterz * Missed You At The Show * BFF * Jodi Shaw * Joel Dobbins * Skyler * Zak Smith Band * KeyDragon * The Amplifires * The Modern Airline * Randy Stern * Joshua Jesty * Deborah Crooks * Jeff Littman * Shane Lamb * Amanda Belardinelli * These Curious Thoughts * Crown Point Band * Amos Lee * Steve Haggard * James Scott Fant * Beth Whitney * Brother Joscephus * Unique Monique * Pat Flanakin * Brian Pounds *
And, we may still have a few up our sleeves, so stay tuned!  And remember, all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society through the Relay For Life!