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Monday, June 25, 2012

Reviews, The Relay for Life, and what comes next

Hello friendly readers.  I know there are still quite a few of you out there because I see the daily numbers still clocking in at close to 300.  I have not been posting reviews here as regularly this month as I have been putting a lot of time into fundraising for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  Many of the artists we have covered over the last 4+ years have participated in the process, and you can follow our eBay auctions in the Wildy's World eBay Store!

And just because you haven't seen a steady stream of reviews getting published here doesn't mean they aren't getting written.  I've got quite the backup waiting for when I have time to actually get them posted.  You'll see some more regular posts as we move into July, and things should be entirely back to abnormal once we hit the busy fall music season.

In the mean time, I opened the eBay store for the purpose of running these auctions, but I would like to use it to help Independent artists move their product.  I am working on building a real presence on eBay for Wildy's World, as a one-stop shop for some of the best Indie music going.  I would like to focus on signed albums, unusual releases and/or memorabilia.  Things that might be unique, in addition to the regular music.  That is what will make the store a success for both Wildy's World and for the artists selling in it.  Let me know your thoughts.  If you're interested in listing items there we can discuss the details.  This won't go live until at least August or possibly September, so there is time to get all the details figured out.

Also, there is a big announcement coming, about a major musical event to be held in Central New York.  Check back here for details.  That's all for now!


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