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Friday, January 1, 2010

Advertising on Wildy's World

Wildy's World is happy to help you advertise your band, album, DVD, product or service! Our advertising rates our fairly cheap (we think!). Advertising appears in the right hand column of the blog. The standard ad is 240px X 240px. The rates quoted below are based on that size or smaller. Larger ads will be prorated based on size. You provide the ad. You can change your ad at any time with 3 days notice. This means if you are with a PR company and want to purchase a long term ad and change it over time, that's very much an option. We're very flexible and willing to help, but we do hold the right to reject copy if we find it offensive or inappropriate for the site.

You provide the ad, but we do ask that if you have links in the ad that you set the "on click" for the ad to "open in new page" or "open in new tab". This way you get the traffic and we don't lose ours!

Rates are as follows:

1 month $20.00
3 months $55.00 (a $5.00 savings)
6 months $100.00 (buy 5 months, get 1 free)
12 months $180.00 (buy 9 months, get 3 free)

Contact us at for more information!

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