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Monday, February 25, 2008

Review: Stark - Put It To Your Head

Stark – Put It To Your Head
2007 Kicking and Screaming Music

What is a mild-mannered traffic reporter to do? A certain amount of angst builds up delivering the same messages of gridlock day-in and day-out in a major metropolitan area such as New York. Stark leader Lani Ford takes out her frustrations on the New York City Indie scene with great effect. Stark’s 2nd studio release Put It To Your Head evokes Courtney Love at her finest as well as the finely tuned angst of Green Day. Ford is joined for this release by guitarist Josette and drummer “Sweet Rob” Endemann. The sound morphs from CBGB era Punk to straightforward rock without losing a single identity, which is quite an accomplishment.

“18 Again” is a fun romp that will get your feet moving and looking for the pit. “I Pay” is the track that most evokes Courtney Love, and is a highlight. Other highlights include “Nothing’s Wrong”, “This Day”, “Disturbed”, and the acoustic version of “Butterfly”. The secret if Stark is that if strip away the amplifiers and attitude, they can really play and sing. This is a very talented young power trio who with the right breaks are destined for big things. Check them out, and if you’re in the city go see a show!

Rating: Buy It Soon!

You can learn more about Stark at or You can purchase Put It To Your Head at

REVIEW: Various Artists - Trucker Tracks, Volume 1

Various Artists – Trucker Tracks, Volume 1
Spec Records

Trucker Tracks, Volume 1 is billed as “Dedicated to all the men and women who move the heavy loads down the highway and the families that they leave behind…” It is a collection of country-rock tunes from the likes of Johnny Neel, Mike Cullison, Joe Durham, Greg Crowe, Rodger Mason and Bob Rea. The CD itself is a little uneven, as often happens with such multi-artist collections, but there are several high points. Most of them coming from the incomparable Johnny Neel (“Led Foot Boogie”, “Blindside”, “Saddle Up And Ride”, and “Folded Flag”). Mike Cullison provides a moving “Goin’ Up The Country” which may well be the cornerstone of the CD.

Rodger Mason is also a pleasant find on this disc, with “Trucker’s Son” and “West Coast Run”. All in all this is a solid collection with will appeal to those in the profession, country music fans, and some fans of blues-oriented rock. That being said, it’s more of a niche album rather than one that will have widespread appeal. It’s definitely worth the listen.

Rating: Buy It Eventually.

You can learn more about Trucker Tracks, Volume 1 at

Saturday, February 23, 2008

REVIEW: Neil Carswell - Good Man's Journey

Neil Carswell – Good Man’s Journey
2006 East Wind Records

Neil Carswell is no stranger to making great rock-n-roll music. As the force majeure behind 1990’s Southern Rock powerhouse Copperhead, Neil Carswell built a reputation for hard-driving rock. On Good Man’s Journey he takes a half-step back from his hard-driving Copperhead Days to reveal more nuanced song writing, but reminds us that he knows where the rock is on songs like “The Cain Preacher” and “Ruby Jane”.

“Edge of the Green” is the keeper of the album for this reviewer. Neil Carswell displays roots in rock, electric blues (ala Led Zeppelin) and even good old country music (Waylon, Johnny Cash). Good Man’s Journey is ultimately listenable and memorable. There is more subtlety and mind here than in much of the corporate rock you’ll hear on many hard rock stations. The songwriting and musicianship are top-notch, and the delivery is flawless. This is great music for a road trip or for when you just want to mellow out to some good old rock and roll.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

You can learn more about Neil Carswell at

Friday, February 22, 2008

REVIEW - Oliver J - Demo

Oliver J – Demo

I will periodically come across a demo recording of an artist who is still developing their sound but may just be onto something. I've been trying for a while to come up with an accurate artist comparison for Oliver J. The closest I can come is to imagine a band where Right Said Fred is backed up by Information Society. This may sound like a nightmare scenario to devotees of those artists, but there is something infectious about Oliver J’s first Demo recording. Comprised of ten talk/sing songs backed up by programmed keyboards and percussion, Oliver J weaves entertaining songs around an infectious dance beat.

The material here is very raw, and would benefit from fleshing out with a band of live musicians, but Oliver J has got something. My impression from a running email conversation with the artist suggests that he is just starting to get himself out there, and hasn't really played live yet. Some seasoning (live performances) and the addition of some creative tension (live musicians) will flesh out the background.

So here's a chance to check out someone so new he's not even jaded yet! Check out Oliver J’s website for streaming audio. Who knows, he might even sell you a copy of his demo!

Rating: Buy It Soon (if he'll sell it to you).

You can check out Oliver J at

REVIEW: Tracey Whitney - Love... A Fable In 9 Acts

Tracey Whitney – Love… A Fable In 9 Acts
2007 BabyDoll Entertainment

Tracey Whitney bears the burden of high expectations. Being chosen as one of Ray Charles' Raylettes can either be the stepping stone to a great career, or a nadir that an artist never again quite reaches. In Love… A Fable in 9 Acts, Ms. Whitney has made a solid R&B album. Honestly I was expecting to hear Tracey Whitney bust it loose on this album ala Aretha Franklin (one of her idols). This never quite happens on "Love". Tracey Whitney has a gorgeous voice, and offers faithful and safe renditions of the material here, but never takes the sort of chances that turn a solid album into a great one.

The vocals, harmonies and arrangements on "Love" are all pleasant, enjoyable, and safe. "Ordinary Day" was the standout track for this reviewer, as the acoustic setting seemed to bring out more of the artist's personality. The cover of "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby" is also a definite keeper. The rest here is pleasant, but nothing really stands out for me.

Tracey Whitney is worth paying attention to. She's paid her dues as a member of The Whitney Family and as a Raylette; and the voice and talent are very real. A live performance of this material where the voice takes precedence over production would likely be a more accurate reflection of the artist, but all in all a respectable recording.

Rating: Borrow it from a friend.

You can learn more about Tracey Whitney at or

REVIEW: Johnny Neel & The Criminal Element - Volume 1

Johnny Neel And The Criminal Element - Volume 1

Johnny Neel knows how to make good time, feel-good party music. His latest offering with The Criminal Element, Volume 1 builds on the success of Gun Metal Blue. Volume 1 isn't as straightforward, taking off into the occasional jazz/blues inspired jam session ("Slap It On Ya", "Funk Pump") but does hit the straight ahead rock sound fans will be familiar with ("Toasted", "Temperature"). Throw in the occasional ballad ("What Am I Gonna Do", "Find My Way") and you have a well-rounded musical experience.

Volume 1 is a solid rock album that would be a good fit in most music collections. The infectious feel-good vibe will have you coming back to listen again and again, and the variation in styles throughout the album will keep it new for a long time.

Rating: Buy it Eventually

You can learn more about Johnny Neel at

REVIEW: Johnny Neel - Gun Metal Blue

Johnny Neel – Gun Metal Blue

Gun Metal Blue opens with "Cross My Mind", which sounds like it might have been penned by Bruce Springsteen at his best. It's an opening salvo from this music industry veteran that could either be the high point of the album or a harbinger of what's to come. In this case it's both. Johnny Neel has created a gem of an album that runs the gamut from straightforward rock to roadhouse blues. At times he'll remind you of Springsteen, Bob Seger and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Alternating from ballads ("Carolina", "Love Ain't A Bad Place", "Sure As The Day Is Long"), to incredibly infectious tunes ("Cross My Mind", "Not This Time", "My Little Feel Good", "Gun Metal Blue"); Johnny Neel knows how to keep the party moving. This is good time music, meant to be shared with friends over a beer in a dirty little roadside bar, or at a backyard barbecue on a warm summer day.

I highly recommend that if you're in the vicinity of a Johnny Neel show that you go. The only thing that could improve this music is to hear it live. You'll have a blast.

Rating: Buy It Now!

You can learn more about Johnny Neel at

Thursday, February 21, 2008


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

POLITICS: This is why she must be stopped

The Clinton campaign yesterday acknowledged that they will be going after Barack Obama's pledged delegates leading up to the National Democratic Convention.  That's pledged delegates my friends.  The ones that are pledged to vote for Obama on the basis of popular vote.
In other words, the Clinton campaign is stating that they do not care what the voters want, they want to win regardless of what the voters say.  This is another example of the Clinton campaign's win-at-all-costs methodology.  They are willing to do anything to win this nomination:  Lie, cheat, steal, destroy the Democratic Party, subvert the popular vote...
Aren't these the sorts of things Democrats decried the Bush Administration for?
The only conclusion any rational person can draw from this is that Clinton would bring 4 or 8 more years of the sort of lies and failed policies propagated by the first Clinton administration and continued by the Bush administration.
Is that what you want?
So to voters in today's Hawaii and Wisconsin Primaries, as well as those in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and everywhere else.  Take a look at what's going on here.  Hilary Clinton is willing to do anything and everything under the sun to gain power.  What is to stop her from committing the same sorts of abuses of power once she holds the presidency?  The potential risks for each and every one of us are huge.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Politics: Democratic Party Primaries

Harold Ickes, a top advisor to the Clinton campaign stated today that Hilary Clinton would win the nomination based on votes from Superdelegates, and that the number of state primaries won by Barack Obama would be irrelevant to their decision. I tend to think that some of this is grandstanding on the part of Team Clinton, but there is a part of me that tends to think they believe this.

If this is the case, it essentially means that HRC believes that she should be the nominee regardless of what the voters want. The pure amount of gall that this position requires is frightening, particularly from a part that claimed aggrieved status over voting issues and disenfranchisement after the 2000 presidential election (hanging chads, anyone?)

I don't think anyone who has read this blog regularly is unaware of my admiration and support for Barack Obama, and so you may choose to see this as a biased opinion, but the willingness of Team Clinton to change the rules of the game to suit her goal of ultimate power is, to me, an indication that she should absolutely be prevented from ascending to the presidency at all costs. The aforementioned Harold Ickes was part of the DNC who supported the sanctioning of delegates from Florida and Michigan in response to those two state legislatures moving up their primary dates.

This was not a response to changes in the date mind you. The DNC knew that both states were considering moving up their primary dates into the time frames generally held by Iowa and New Hampshire, and passed a resolution telling both states that if they did move up their primaries to before February 5th then they would be stripped of their delegates for the Democratic National Convention. The legislatures in both states moved the dates ahead in spite of this warning. Team Clinton is now arguing that the DNC is disenfranchising voters, when it is the voters elected representatives who in fact took the steps to disenfranchise them.

Clinton, Obama, Edwards et. al all signed a pledge to not campaign in Florida and Michigan, with full understanding that the primaries basically counted for nothing. But now that Hillary is behind she is fighting for those uncontested delegates. Anything that is to her advantage, anything for power.

And now Team Clinton wants the Superdelegates to subvert the will of the people of the Democratic Party and nominate her even though more states and more voters have said loudly and clearly they prefer Barack Obama to be their nominee. Is this the sort of grace and sense of fairplay that we want in our president? I think not.

Team Clinton even had an MSNBC staffer suspended, and MSNBC kow-towing to the campaign because he had the audacity to state that the Clintons were pimping Chelsea out. He in fact was asking a question of a guest, and said something to the effect of "aren't they pimping her out in some weird way?". The Clintons claimed aggrieved status (they're good at that), and threw a big old hissy-cow (thank you Steven Brust). Now a good reporter is suspended indefinitely for asking a valid question.

Team Clinton has had Chelsea personally imploring super-delegates. She even went out to dinner with some 21-year old superdelegate in the past couple of weeks. Their daughter, who was previously only involved in the campaign as a silent presence, is now working behind the scenes to cajole superdelegates into voting for her mom? Likely promising favors from her mom's campaign in the process. This means that the Clintons are using their daughters charm and youth and persuasiveness to gain favor.

Sounds like pimping out to me.

REVIEW: Laura Joy - Six Flights

Laura Joy – Six Flights
2008 Laura Joy

It is not often that I come across a CD like this one. Six Flights is the harbinger of what should be a long and lauded career. Laura Joy weaves magic with her guitar strings and her voice. Six Flights sees Laura Joy raise her game, displaying a voice and songwriting acumen that calls to mind the likes of Ani DiFranco and Joni Mitchell. Laura Joy displays a maturity in her songwriting that many artists achieve after 10 or 15 years of recording. Keep in mind that this is Ms. Joy’s 2nd album, and you’ll have an idea of what might be to come.

In theory it should be easier to tell you which songs here I enjoyed less than the others, except that I can’t find one. “Six Flights” and “Plan” are near masterpieces, and “Courting Disaster” will leave you trying to figure out which of your past relationships she somehow knew about. “Ride Home”, similarly, will touch upon your memories. This is the secret of Laura Joy’s success: She has an ability to tell stories in her songs that are clearly about her own life, but they could be about a time or event in your own life as well. This is a skill that most songwriters strive for all their lives, but for Laura Joy it appears to be a natural gift.

“Six Flights” is a desert island disc. This is the sort of CD you can’t afford not to own. Don’t be surprised if ten or fifteen years from now, rather than hearing people describe who Laura Joy sounds like, you instead hear new artists being said to sound like Laura Joy.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Laura Joy at or You can purchase Six Flights at And don’t forget to check out her self-titled debut at

Friday, February 15, 2008

REVIEW: Jamesking - Jamesking

Jamesking – Jamesking
2007 Self-released

Hailing from Toronto, Jamesking brings the sort of fresh perspective on R&B that the genre has quite frankly been waiting for. Harking back to a time when popular R&B/Funk was a means of musical expression and not just a formula, Jamesking creates intricate, smooth, hip and relevant music. Songwriter/guitarist Duff Demirovic has crafted a unique sound, aided by first class musicians Ran Caspi, Ilian Iliev and David Yoon. Add to all of this the heavenly vocals of Gyles and you have an explosive mix that will keep your feet tapping throughout.

Jamesking is a debut recording that would make its makers immensely rich and famous in a perfect world. “Reminisce” itself is a single that could easily be a gold record with the right push from a record label. Jamesking is just the right mix of old school R&B/funk with a modern pop twist to be something new, similar to the niche discovered/created by Gym Class Heroes. Musically this is much more complex than a lot of what you will hear on top-40 radio, a credit to Mr. Demirovic’s songwriting talents (check out “Melody Wasted”, a particular gem). Don’t waste time, get to know Jamesking. If nothing else, you’ll begin a long association with one of the most talented and innovative R&B acts out there. If things work out well, you can say “I knew them when…”.

Rating: Buy it Now!

You can learn more about Jamesking at

REVIEW: Retail - Retail

Retail – Retail
2007, Self-released

Retail is the brainchild of Gilbert Kaneda, Actor, Model and Singer-Songwriter. Retail channels the spirit of Jim Morrison on his debut CD, with bits of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen thrown in. Retail is a very low-tech recording featuring just keyboard and Mr. Kaneda’s voice. The intimate effect is very powerful and works well with the material presented here.

You really will walk away from this recording feeling like you listened to long lost outtakes from a Jim Morrison solo album, the similarities are that tangible. Gilbert Kaneda is very much his own songwriter however. This recording definitely falls into the category of “not for everyone”. The songs themselves don’t waste a lot of time on advanced musical structure, but are very much vocal driven and generally short (less than 3 minutes). All in all an interesting study of what may be to come from Mr. Kaneda.

Check out Retail. Even if you don’t quite connect with this recording, it could be the beginning of a long and rewarding musical relationship with Gilbert Kaneda.

Rating: Buy it Eventually!

You can learn more about Retail at,, or The CD is available for purchase through

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

REVIEW: Esthema - Apart From The Rest

Esthema – Apart From The Rest
2007 Esthema

Esthema is a World Fusion ensemble based in Boston, MA that deserves your attention. Drawing on musical styles from Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and combining them with Prog and Jazz themes is worth a listen, even if simply in respect for the sheer audacity this takes. Esthema has the goods to match its audacity with talent, reminding us all that it's only bragging if you can't back it up.

Apart From The Rest is ultimately listenable and memorable, taking your mood from Eastern European Café to Saudi Bazaar and back again. You'll tap your feet and find yourself dancing in your seat even if you're not the sort to do so. "Erimos" is a true gem here, slowing down the thought process but branching out to places you couldn't imagine a little instrumental EP going to. "Finding My Way" sounds like it should have been the soundtrack to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and you'll find the melody winding its way through your noggin long after the CD has stopped playing.

This reviewer is not generally a huge fan of instrumental records, as it is easy for instrumentalists to become self-derivative within the space of an album, but Esthema has made a truly moving and magical musical experience. They are definitely worth your time.

Rating: Buy It Now!
You can learn more about Esthema at or .

REVIEW: Lana Lane - Red Planet Boulevard

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard
2008 ProgRock Records

Lana Lane has been doing this a long time. The Queen of Symphonic Rock, as some fans call her brings a Nancy Wilson attitude to heavy guitar-oriented rock. Red Planet Boulevard is very successful in playing off her strong smooth rock vocals against rocking soundscapes. The album begins with "Into the Fire", an apt opening gambit that sets the tone for one wild ride. There is no weak material here, but the flow does lag occasionally on some of the slower songs ("Jessica", "No Tears Left"). These aren't bad songs; they just seem a little out of place here among the heavier rock fare. Save The World, Angels and Magicians and Capture the Sun are personal favorites.

This is a good opportunity to reacquaint yourself with Lana Lane, or to find out what she's all about if you are new to her muse. Jump in, the water's warm.

Rating: Buy It Eventually.

You can learn more about Lana Lane at or .

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

REVIEW: Bayadera - Rotation Of The Earth

Bayadera – Rotation Of The Earth
Bitemark Records – Street Date March 18, 2008

Bayadera is a marketer's dream. I strongly suspect that you'll be hearing a great deal from this Orange County band. They have a very smooth, radio-ready sound supporting the sultry vocals of Gina Bandy. This is hip pop-rock with Latin guitar influences from guitarist Dat Nguyen (who happens to be blind) and the required amount mix of rock power chord progressions and electronic samples that make this a great sounding pop-record. This reviewer very much enjoyed the entire recording, Rotation Of The Earth will not be a disappointment to fans of the band, and will expand their listening base with the right breaks. My concern in listening is that it sounds to me like there's a great deal to Bayadera that just doesn't come through here.

There is distinct musical talent here, and the sound has understandably been honed to a commercial point that is nearly a perfect storm for the current music market demographic, but the earmarks are here of a much more musically deep and exciting band. I've never heard the band live, but anything I have read implies that Bayadera rock the house in a live setting. That just doesn't come through on Rotation Of The Earth. This fact doesn't change the fact that it's a great pop record; it just leaves me wanting what I missed out on from the CD.

The musical arrangements here are very tightly wound. You won't be able to stop yourself from tapping your feet or even breaking out into a full-blown dance. Rotation Of The Earth has the potential to end up on "Best of 2008" lists, and "Road To Nowhere" in particular sounds like a top-everything single. I just wish I could get over this feeling that something is missing here. The idea that this disc could have been even better…

Rating: Buy it Now!

You can learn more about Bayadera at or

REVIEW: Eternal Descent - Losing Faith

Eternal Descent – Losing Faith
2007 Incendium Records

When I was growing up we just read comic books. Llexi Leon believes in bringing them to life.
Losing Faith is the artistic extension of the creation process, adding a visceral soundscape to the lives of Lyra, Sirian and Loki. Mixing elements of classic film scores, heavy metal, industrial and movie-quality sound effects, Ms. Leon has created a conceptual wunderkind that brings her characters to life.

Each track here represents a distinct story line, and the mood is dark ala classic Batman. Losing Faith is the sort of recording this reviewer would love to have along on long road trips, particularly at night. It fits better with night listening. It's the sort of record you can dance to, particularly if your taste runs more to the gothic side of the schedule, but also allows room for the metal head in all of us to shine through.

Personally, "Ascension" and "Angels In The Architecture" are favorites, but this really is Album Oriented music. In spite of the fact that each song represents a different story, the songs work best amongst one another. I highly recommend this recording, but it will not be for everyone.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

You can learn more about Eternal Descent at or

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Politics: An Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee

An Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Delegates and Super-Delegates:

Let me tell you about myself. I am a 36 year old man who until one month ago had been a registered Republican all of his life. I have a conservative bent when it comes to fiscal policy and social policy. At the same time, I have spent a number of years working in healthcare on one side or another (direct care, case management, non-profit insurance carriers, etc.), and I have a strong feeling that a rich and blessed nation such as America needs to take care of her own.

I come to you now because the vast majority of folks to reach elected office on the Federal level are immersed in the culture that got us where we are today. They are far too many politicians propped up in office by corporate dollars and special interests that detract us from the real issues of our time, such as how to regulate immigration to protect both the US economy and the immigrants themselves, or how to solve the looming Social Security crisis, or how to cut spending by getting the earmarks out of the Federal Budget by requiring such projects to be voted on as individual bills rather than as add-ons to massive funding bills.

These are issues that keep me awake at night after I tuck my 15-month old son in to bed. I think about what sort of country we are building for him and for his soon to be born sister. Many in both parties have lost site of the fact that elected office is “public service” and not “corporate service”.

This year the Democratic Party has a chance to say that this is not what we stand for. I am a relatively new Democrat, and perhaps my viewpoint won’t matter to you, but there are tens of thousands of people out here like me: Republicans and/or Independents looking for a new voice and a new philosophy for to lead us into the 21st century. I know we’re already there, but the last eight years have been a continuation of the dead and dying policies of the 20th century, and they just don’t work in the new world we inhabit.

The current race for the Democratic nomination is shaping up as a battle of the old versus the new. Putting aside the issues of race and gender, we have an opportunity to say that we are going to continue the policies of the Bush/Clinton/Bush empire (and let’s face it, the fiscal policies of the three administrations are cousins, if not more closely related), or we can stretch ourselves and begin to believe what a great country we can be again.

Like I said above, I was inspired by Reagan, not so much for his economic policies but because he had the audacity to stand up before the world and say that a New World Order was upon us. If I had been alive during the Kennedy years I believe I would have been even more inspired. Reagan and Kennedy faced difficult times with same audacity and hope and integrity. So regardless of their economic policies and other faults, they are linked in this fashion.

I have never met Barack Obama, but I have been following his career since the 2004 nominating convention. He is a man of integrity and of vision. He has the courage to see the world through a different paradigm than those enmeshed in the establishment. He gives those of us out here that see America’s uncertain future hope that we can be great again. He is pulling in many dissatisfied Republicans and Independents. He is attracting the youth of our country into the political process unlike anyone else since the Kennedy days. He represents the future. Hillary Clinton represents the past. Hillary Clinton is very competent and intelligent, and I am sure she is capable, but the path she offers to us scares many of us, as it is a continuation of the policies of the last two decades. These haven’t worked out very well for any of us but the rich.

It is looking like we could possibly go into the Democratic National Convention without either candidate having enough Delegates to win the nomination outright. While Hillary Clinton won the larger states on Super Tuesday, the polling numbers suggest a groundswell is building for Barack Obama. In states like California where as much as half of the votes cast were cast in advance, it is easy to see that Clinton’s margin of victory was built on votes cast weeks ago when she had a double digit lead in the polls. Opinion pulling on the day of the election showed Obama even or even up (Zogby).

Please do not ignore this movement. I realize that there are those who are itching to see the first woman president. I don’t think anyone is opposed to this concept, but I think it will happen when the right woman comes along at the right time. I am not sure that Mrs. Clinton is the right woman, at least not at this time.

We may be looking to you to decide who are nominee will be. Please look to the future instead of the past. We don’t want to be just “open for business”; we want to help shape the new world order. Select Barack Obama to be our nominee. My son and daughter are counting on you.


Wildy Haskell

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Review: Lacey D - Everyday Girl

Lacey D – Everyday Girl
2007 West Country Records

Seattle native Lacey D harkens back to the days of good old honky-tonk country. You could easily picture here singing in a roadside bar down south while Daisy Duke waits tables and Bo and Luke look on, but I suspect Lacey D is headed for bigger venues than that before she's done. With a big country voice and girl-next-door charm, Lacey D is the sort of artist that country music needs to save it from becoming rock-lite.

Her band draws from some of the best that Nashville has to offer: Michael Behymer (Roy Clark), Fred Newell (Jerry Reed, Marty Stewart), and David Northrup (Travis Tritt) all help to craft the sound under producer Scott Turner. "Your Tender Love" has #1 hit written all over it, and songs like "Back Burner", "Man At Home" and "Missin' Your Love Tonight" will have you two-steppin' until dawn. The highlight of the album may be the Country-Blues ballad "One Heart". You can almost hear Ray Charles singing along with Lacey D on this one.

In an age when much of Country music is pre-packaged and slick, Lacey D brings a dose of good-ole' country to your ears. If you haven't heard this you're missing out, whether you're a fan of mainstream country or not.

Rating: Buy it Soon!

You can learn more about Lacey D, and even buy a copy of Everyday Girl at

Review: The Grownup Noise - The Grownup Noise

The Grownup Noise – The Grownup Noise
2007 Self-released

Evoking thoughts of Barenaked Ladies and the Cowboy Junkies, The Grownup Noise bring a smooth understated rock sound to their debut album. The first time I listened to this CD I felt like each song was vaguely familiar; like I had heard many of them before. The Grownup Noise has a talent for writing songs that are instantly likeable and familiar without sounding derivative. Katie Franich's dancing cello lines add another element of life to tight musical arrangements and the easy vocals of Paul Hansen.

The Grownup Noise infuses their humor here and there throughout the album, but never come anywhere near being a novelty act. These are fine musicians who are willing to pop their listeners a wink now and then, just to keep it light. Highlights include "Make Believe", "Messy Apartment", "Grey Skies", "First Time", "Vampire Love Song", and "Give Me Time". There is no chaff here though folks: Every song here is able to stand on its own.

Given the musical talent, the unique but vaguely familiar sound, and perspective displayed by The Grownup Noise, I can see them developing a strong following and sticking around for many years. They are, frankly, the kind of band REM could have been if they hadn't gotten so into themselves. Give them a listen, you won't regret it. This is a fine debut.

Rating: Buy it Soon!

You can learn more about The Grownup Noise or purchase their CD at . Also be sure to check out!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Review: Monica Attell - My Bully EP

Monica Attell – My Bully (March 2008)

I had the pleasure of reviewing a 4-track EP from Ms. Attell's forthcoming album, My Bully, due in March of 2008. If the 4 tracks here are any indication, My Bully will be a strong sophomore effort following her outstanding Band Geek. "Cyberspace Angel" will have parents thinking long and hard about their teenager's computer time. "My Bully" is a comic/paranoid rant inspired by a former junior high tormentor who is currently on step 10 of a 12-step program.

"Working Man" regrets the hardships faced by the working class, and "Because You Make Me Happy" is a neurotic wanna-be love song that would have been a perfect soundtrack to several episodes of "Friends".

Monica Attell continues to grow as an artist, and it is evident here. She mixes humor and heart over fun rock arrangements built on heavy piano and the occasional Tullian flute solo. Nothing but quality.

Rating: Buy it Soon! (We at Wildy's World reserve the right to revise the rating once we've heard the full album!)
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Review: Brother Dan Palmer - Nothin' Better Than This

Brother Dan Palmer – Nothin' Better Than This

Listening to Nothin' Better Than This is like sitting down to a drink with an old friend you haven't seen in a few years. By the end of the CD you'll feel like you've known Brother Dan Palmer forever, and you'll wonder where the time went.

A veteran singer/songwriter who's seen the wars, Brother Dan boasts a songbook of over 1,000 cover tunes that he has acquired over the years. On Nothin' Better Than This he offers up ten original songs that deserve your attention. The songwriting is honest and clean, and there are few finer guitar players out there.

Brother Dan is difficult to pigeonhole. There are times he reminds me of Trout Fishing In America, such as on "Meant For You", but comparisons to the likes of James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg are not out of the question. A prime example is "He Said Nothin'"; a rueful remembrance of how fear of loss can become self-fulfilling, and is this reviewer's favorite song on the album.

Brother Dan holds nothing back, as displayed on tunes like "Time Keeps Tickin' Away", and "Out The Door". The latter is a comical confrontation of a former lover/spouse who insists on drawing mutual friends into the maelstrom of personal attacks that can accompany a relationship post-mortem. This is how Brother Dan closes out the album, with a wink, a nod, and a kick in the pants.

Don't pass Brother Dan by. You'll probably never hear him on top-40 radio, but that says more about the sorry state of radio than about this fine recording.

Rating: Buy it Now!

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