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Friday, February 15, 2008

REVIEW: Retail - Retail

Retail – Retail
2007, Self-released

Retail is the brainchild of Gilbert Kaneda, Actor, Model and Singer-Songwriter. Retail channels the spirit of Jim Morrison on his debut CD, with bits of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen thrown in. Retail is a very low-tech recording featuring just keyboard and Mr. Kaneda’s voice. The intimate effect is very powerful and works well with the material presented here.

You really will walk away from this recording feeling like you listened to long lost outtakes from a Jim Morrison solo album, the similarities are that tangible. Gilbert Kaneda is very much his own songwriter however. This recording definitely falls into the category of “not for everyone”. The songs themselves don’t waste a lot of time on advanced musical structure, but are very much vocal driven and generally short (less than 3 minutes). All in all an interesting study of what may be to come from Mr. Kaneda.

Check out Retail. Even if you don’t quite connect with this recording, it could be the beginning of a long and rewarding musical relationship with Gilbert Kaneda.

Rating: Buy it Eventually!

You can learn more about Retail at,, or The CD is available for purchase through

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