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Friday, February 1, 2008

Review: Monica Attell - My Bully EP

Monica Attell – My Bully (March 2008)

I had the pleasure of reviewing a 4-track EP from Ms. Attell's forthcoming album, My Bully, due in March of 2008. If the 4 tracks here are any indication, My Bully will be a strong sophomore effort following her outstanding Band Geek. "Cyberspace Angel" will have parents thinking long and hard about their teenager's computer time. "My Bully" is a comic/paranoid rant inspired by a former junior high tormentor who is currently on step 10 of a 12-step program.

"Working Man" regrets the hardships faced by the working class, and "Because You Make Me Happy" is a neurotic wanna-be love song that would have been a perfect soundtrack to several episodes of "Friends".

Monica Attell continues to grow as an artist, and it is evident here. She mixes humor and heart over fun rock arrangements built on heavy piano and the occasional Tullian flute solo. Nothing but quality.

Rating: Buy it Soon! (We at Wildy's World reserve the right to revise the rating once we've heard the full album!)
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