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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

REVIEW: Eternal Descent - Losing Faith

Eternal Descent – Losing Faith
2007 Incendium Records

When I was growing up we just read comic books. Llexi Leon believes in bringing them to life.
Losing Faith is the artistic extension of the creation process, adding a visceral soundscape to the lives of Lyra, Sirian and Loki. Mixing elements of classic film scores, heavy metal, industrial and movie-quality sound effects, Ms. Leon has created a conceptual wunderkind that brings her characters to life.

Each track here represents a distinct story line, and the mood is dark ala classic Batman. Losing Faith is the sort of recording this reviewer would love to have along on long road trips, particularly at night. It fits better with night listening. It's the sort of record you can dance to, particularly if your taste runs more to the gothic side of the schedule, but also allows room for the metal head in all of us to shine through.

Personally, "Ascension" and "Angels In The Architecture" are favorites, but this really is Album Oriented music. In spite of the fact that each song represents a different story, the songs work best amongst one another. I highly recommend this recording, but it will not be for everyone.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

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