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Thursday, February 21, 2008


I should be posting some more reviews this weekend. Oliver J, Johnny Neel and Neil Carswell coming up, among others. Stay tuned!

If you are reading this and wondering, "how do I get my stuff reviewed on Wildy's World?" It's easy. Or even if you know an artist who wants some free publicity, or needs some, or who could just use a good review to sell some of their CDs. It's easy!

We accept submissions in the form of CD or DVD, along with any promotional materials you feel appropriate. (If you happen to sign the CD on the front insert we won't complain, but it's not a requirement). We only do reviews from hard media, as I like to live with the music for a few days before writing about it. We will check out myspace/facebook/sonicbids and other web pages, but will not write reviews on virtual material.

You can feel free to eMail me at for a submission address.

Reviews generally take one to two weeks from receipt, depending on how many I have in queue. Review materials will become the property of Wildy's World and will not be returned.

Wildy's World has a different philosophy on reviews than most reviewers. We do not believe in writing negative reviews. We have no problem with being critical in a constructive manner regarding material or an artist/band who has promise, but if we can't find anything good to say we just won't review the recording. We at Wildy's World understand that just because we might not get it doesn't mean a recording is bad or without value. We're not here to trash anyone's muse, but we're happy to promote what we like.

So send your CDs, demos, DVDs, etc. today! We're busy at Wildy's World but we can always use more to do! There's a lot of great independent music out there, and we've just touched the tip of the iceberg!


Wildy's World

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