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Friday, January 1, 2010

How do I submit recordings to Wildy's World?

So here's the skinny, revised July 22, 2011...

It's a digital world, but we're a bit old-fashioned here at Wildy's World. 

We know it's a digital world, but the sound quality of a CD is much superior to that of MP3 files.  If you're going to have your music reviewed, it makes a certain amount of sense to put your best recording before reviewers.  We want to hear your best sound and share it with my readers.  Digital submissions are accepted, but preference for reviews is given to submissions on hard copy.  We did previously charge a $5.00 submission fee for digital submissions, to help cover the cost of storage and devices.  This policy is no longer in effect, although donations are always welcome.

We do also review books and movies related to music, or written by/starring music artists.

Reviews generally take 6-8 weeks to appear on Wildy's World.  The time frame varies a bit depending on the time of year and volume of submissions.  We do follow-up with an email when a review goes live.  Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot promise an email confirming each receipt.  We prefer to write about things we like, rather than spending a lot of energy talking down someone's art.  That's not to say that we don't write reviews that are critical. but we try to live by the old adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."  That being said, if we are really not into the music, but we love your voice, your guitar style, etc., then we are going to write a critical review that praises what we like.

Ultimately, if we don't review an album, we're probably just not into it.  Feel free to follow up by email, however, as there are times of year when the submission volume is so high that there are worthy albums we just can't fit in.

If you wish to submit to Wildy's World, contact Wildy at We'll provide you with the snail mail address for CD/DVD submissions.  Digital submissions can be sent to the email address above, again with the understanding that preference is given to hard copy.

If your submission does result in a review, and you find the review helpful, please feel free to make a small donation to help support what we do here.  The donation button is in the right hand column of the blog.  You can't miss it.  :)

Best of luck with your muse and music.  Be well.


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