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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review: Thai Paul - PS Love

Thai Paul - PS Love
2009, Thai Paul

Arkansas' Thai Paul brings his unique blend of TechnoTrance on his debut album, PS Love. Coming to Arkansas by way of Thailand, Japan, England, Hawaii and Austin, Texas, Thai Paul learned under the tutelage of DJ Quicksilver, and has formerly traded under the moniker DJ Bond in Hawaii. PS Love finds Thai Paul taking listeners on a mellow Trance odyssey, spinning webs that never fully realize themselves.

Thai Paul opens with the ambient love song My Sammi Space, a dedication of love that's neither as joyous nor energetic as you might expect. There is a certain reverence that comes through in the arrangement, but it's detached at best. Angel Wait For Love is more stereotypical Electronica/Dance material, relying on a looping keyboard riff and Jan Hammer style rhythms. Bad Boy Angel draws together House and R&B in a danceable bit of fluff. LUMU 24/7 is a mess, relying more on the busy factor than composition or progression to forward the song. Air Trance finds Thai Paul back in the lightweight dance field with another simplistic synth riff-loop.

Ducky Love To Dance gets a bit into space age/computer Electronica but can't escape the repetitive aspect that seems to run through much of PS Love. Ducky Trance has the same issue, although there is at least a greater vibrancy to this particular tune. DJ Soul Dance runs much in the same vein, although there is definitely more of a Disco/Soul feel here. Thai Paul weaves through the listless Sad In PM and PS Love to finish on the faux-acoustic ballad Always In My Heart. The plodding melody line will turn some off, but there's at least a creative spark that underlies this song.

Thai Paul puts in a rather uneven performance on PS Love, hitting some high notes but struggling for a coherent sound throughout. Hardly set to be a fan favorite, but not without some merit.

Rating: 2 Stars (Out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear an Arkansas musician that isn't so stereotypical southern...not that it's a bad thing. Thai Paul's music definitely puts the 2 step on the back burner. I liked most of the songs. Although, I agree with the review, some of the loops seem a little repetitive in places. Air trance is a very different song and it's stuck in my head.