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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: Silk Tongue Gamblers - We're In Business [EP]

Silk Tongue Gamblers - We're In Business [EP]
2010, Silk Tongue Gamblers (UK)

London's Silk Tongue Gamblers are ripping up the Indie scene across the pond, and it won't be long before their fresh sound carries them to America's shores. Silk Tongue Gamblers have developed quickly, experiencing that preternatural "click" that sometimes happens when a group comes together. Formed in 2009, they've already built a significant local following and garnered high praise from the likes of Producer Ron Nevison (The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who) and Rachael Williams (Up All Night Music). Talent aside, what drives Silk Tongue Gamblers is the creative tensions. Vocalist Varun Atrey is heavily influenced by folks such as Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Alice In Chains, whereas Felipe Neves (guitars) is more drawn to Hendrix, Tom Waits and The Rolling Stones. Add in the chops of drummer Ollie Hipkin and bassist Equival Junior and you have an incredibly dynamic creative force. Silk Tongue Gamblers released their debut EP before turning a year old. We're In Business will serves as a more-than-adequate introduction.

We're In Business gets started with Is This The Time?, an upbeat, guitar-driven rocker with some Blues in its lineage. There's an edgy pop sensibility here that might do well in non-traditional Rock radio formats. Everyday Forever is either a daydream set to music or an accounting of the change in perspective brought on by new love. It's a decent song, although the blunt repetition in the chorus can become a bit nerve wracking. Nothing Left To Say trolls slightly heavier waters, with guitar and bass building a big, dark rock sound steeped in the Blues. Felipe Neves chips in with excellent guitar chops, and vocalist Varun Atrey is likeable enough, if a bit reserved. We're In Business wraps up with Run Away, a funky Blues-Rock gem that may be the most commercially viable track on the EP. A great, memorable chorus and a bass line that brings the song to life make this a keeper.

A four track EP such as We're In Business is what you might call a small sample. It's difficult to judge the overall sound of a band in just four songs, but you can start to get a real picture. Silk Tongue Gamblers have an edgy Rock sound with serious Blues roots that is bound to gain them some real attention. If commercial radio were a bit more willing to take risks, Silk Tongue Gamblers would be a perfect ad. Based on the EP, Silk Tongue Gamblers are a break or two from the big stage, as their sound and approach are a music marketer or Music Director's dream. Give the Silk Tongue Gamblers a bit of your time and see what they might talk you into.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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