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Friday, June 8, 2012

Wildy's World Auctions (American Cancer Society)

Greetings fellow travelers!

Yes, there are more reviews coming.  I’ve been a bit slow on that front of late as I have been putting much of my spare time into fundraising for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life!  I have about 60 or so reviews in the can, most of them handwritten; all just waiting for me to find time to type them out.


But right now Wildy’s World is engaged in an exciting project!  We reached out over the past couple of months to the artists we’ve worked with over the past several years, and many have been gracious enough to offer their time and talent for song auctions on eBay (seller ID wildysworld).  The idea is simple:  The highest bidder from the auction gets to fill out a short survey telling the artist what they would like their song to be about.  The artist then takes that information and interprets it how they will.  The winner will then receive a recording of the song via email. 
The recording is expected to be a demo – clean but not necessarily the finished product you might hear on an album.  Some artists are going further than this based on the time and resources available to them.

Even some of the artists who do not have time to engage in the songwriting project are contributing.  One artist is donating a cover song – winner gets to pick the song, any song, and the artist will interpret it.  Still others have donated or promised to donate signed items, rare CDs, artwork, etc.  I’ve even added a few signed items I’ve personally received over the past four or so years to the mix.

As of this morning there are seven auctions live on eBay, and I would highly encourage you to check them out!  All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society through my Relay For Life Team, the Cave Crashers.  And even if you don’t want to participate in the auction, but want to make a donation on my behalf, you can do so through my personal Relay for Life page here.
Here are the auctions currently live.  All are for original songs written by the artist named:

Kati Mac (NYC)    - Ends today

John Mueller (Buddy Holly of Winter Dance Party) – End 6/9/12

Benjamin Russell (Canada) – Ends 6/10/12

Andy Hawk (Hamilton, VA) – Ends 6/11/12

The Spanish Channel (Brooklyn) – Ends 6/12/12

Missed You At The Show (Manchester, UK) – Ends 6/13/12

The Blisterz (Albany, NY) – Ends 6/14/12

The following auctions are forthcoming, with the start date listed.  All auctions are for original songs to be written, unless otherwise specified.

BFF (6/8/12)
Jodi Shaw (6/9/12)
Skyler (6/10/12)
Zak Smith Band (6/11/12)
KeyDragon (6/12/12)
The Amplifires (6/13/12)
The Modern Airline (6/14/12)
Randy Stern  (6/15/12)
Joshua Jesty  (6/16/12)
Deborah Crooks (6/17/12)
Mar Harmon of Music With Mar (6/18/12)
Jerry Falzone (6/19/12)
Brian Pounds (6/20/12)
Styx – Signed Electric Guitar (6/21/12)
The Energy Commission (6/22/12)
Jeneen Terrana (6/23/12)
Halie Loren – Cover song (6/24/12)
Aurical (6/25/12)
John Byrne (6/26/12)
Ron Hawkins of Lowest Of The Low – An original oil painting of Bjork (6/27/12)
Joel Dobbins (6/28/12)
Trout Fishing In America – Signed T-Shirts (6/29/12)
Amanda Belardinelli (6/30/12)
These Curious Thoughts (7/1/12)
Crown Point Band (7/2/12)
Steve Haggard (7/3/12)
Kaitlin McGaw (7/4/12)
Shane Lamb (7/5/12)
Amos Lee – Signed, rare CD (7/6/12)
James Scott Fant – 7/7/12
Beth Whitney – 7/8/12
Pat Flanakin – 7/9/12
Brother Joscephus – 7/16/12
Phoebe Legére – 7/18/12

As you can tell, we still have some dates to fill between 7/10 and 7/17/12.  If you would like to participate in an auction, please contact me at  I also have some items to be scheduled, including signed items from Val Emmich, Kristoffer Ragnstam, Lee Alexander (promised), Marian Call (promised), John Mueller and Stars Go Dim.

Bid early, bid often, and tell everyone you know.  Once again, all proceeds will go the American Cancer Society, so it’s all for a good cause! 

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