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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Politics: What are we thinking?

I am a little exasperated with the people of Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island this morning. Vermont is in my good graces.

I just do not understand how Democrats can continue to support Hillary Clinton. Looking at the long history of involvement of the Clintons in scandal, lying, deviation, potentially murder (Vince Foster), and dollars supporting them from overseas (China, the Middle East), I can not support this woman in her goal to be president.

I think it’s high time we have a woman president, as long as one who is qualified and has the right character and moral fiber to lead this nation comes along. Unfortunately character and moral fiber are not strong attributes on Hillary’s C.V. Hillary and her team are talking now about how a protracted fight will be good for the Democratic Party and how the party will be unified come November.

Hillary is in la-la land. The record turnout that has been seen in the Democratic Primary process has been inspired in large part by Barack Obama. Obama has pulled new people into the political process like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. He’s stood up there with a message of hope, a sense of dignity, manners, and policy positions that do not vary significantly from Hillary’s pseudo-conservative ones. He spent his life teaching constitutional law and helping the poor and indigent on the south side of Chicago better their lives. He is in this to build up America and improve our lives.

Barack Obama has been a gentleman through this campaign. He has vision and fortitude and for him it’s not about obtaining power for the sake of power. Contrast Obama’s years organizing people on the south side of Chicago with Hillary’s years on the board of directors at Walmart. Obama was helping people to make sure they were living in safe conditions with heat, hot water, proper safety considerations, etc. Hillary was actively suppressing union activity, keeping women out of management positions, paying minimum wage to employees and denying them healthcare.

In the end, Clinton doesn’t care about you or me. She cares about how we vote, but she can fool the poor and uneducated, or so she thinks. All she wants is power, and she’ll do anything to get it. Just ask Vince Foster’s survivors. She’ll destroy Obama. She’ll destroy the Democratic Party itself if that’s what it takes. She’ll do anything it takes for power and glory. She’ll tear the country apart if she has to.

Barack Obama will build us up.

It's the The Dissembler vs. the Assembler.

I'd rather build. Support Barack Obama.

Wildy Haskell

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