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Friday, May 17, 2013

Take Me To The Pilot - What Makes You

Take Me To The Pilot – What Makes You
2013, Take Me To The Pilot
Winnipeg quartet Take Me To The Pilot might be Manitoba’s best kept secret, but not for long.  With a full bodied rocket and roll sound, and a penchant for the sort of pop hooks that leave radio programmers breathless, Take Me To The Pilot is on the ascent, and their sophomore release, What Makes You, might just the vehicle that brings then international attention.

What Makes You opens with the sonically pleasing alt-rock of “Baby We’re Gonna Be Rich”.  Fired by a big rock and roll hook and a positive outlook on the world, this is the sort of hope-filled pop rock song that has been out of vogue since before the days of grunge.  Take Me To The Pilot has a potential hit single on their hands here.  “Carry You Back” it balladeer rock in the style of the Goo Goo Dolls.  A memorable chorus and pleasant lead vocal from Mike Bilenki make this a AAA radio programmer’s dream.  “Right Now” shows Take Me To The Pilot’s frenetic pop tendencies in a fast paced toe tapper.  The full sound here is great for a concert hall or open air amphitheatre, and will sound equally appealing as the backdrop for a scene from a motion picture.
“Time’s Up” plays on the same sonic playground as “Right Now”, and has an irresistible pop hook at its core.  Fans of The Replacements, Train and Plain White T’s will like the sound mix here.  Things slow down a bit for “Travelin’ Heart”, a tortured dialogue between the musician and the love he leaves at home when out on the road.  There’s no big finish here, just a representation of the push and pull in such a relationship.  Take Me To The Pilot keeps up the string of sing-along choruses here while one again reminding listeners of the Goo Goo Dolls. Take Me To The Pilot winds up with “What About The Time”, an almost jubilant sounding, post-break up attempt to put things back together.  This is already set for radio programming or movie placement, with an irrepressible pop hook and the polished sound of a major label band.

Take Me To The Pilot combines high quality songwriting, delicious pop hooks and a stadium ready sound on What Makes You.  On top of it all, Take Me To The Pilot manages to capture some of the uncomplicated joy of 1980’s pop/rock music.  What Makes You will make you a fan.
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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