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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Early Strike – Ten Outta Ten

The Early Strike – Ten Outta Ten
2010, TRB Entertainment
Southern California pop/punk quarter The Early Strike have created a lot of buzz the last few years with appearances on the VANS Warped tour and sold out shows throughout the south and southwest.  Today, The Early Strike drops their sophomore album, Ten Outta Ten into the teeming mass of American pop culture.  Working with producer David J. Holman (No Doubt, Bush), The Early Strike have captured the youthful energy and dynamic sound of their live show on Ten Outta Ten, along with dynamic dual-vocals of guitarist Ryan Shaw and bassist Brit Joyce. 
Ten Outta Ten opens with “Real Man Show”, a marginally catchy pop/punk number that shows off the dual vocal approach in grand style.  Shaw sounds like your standard issue alt-rock hero on the mic, whereas Brit Joyce has a slightly brassy and untrained but ultimately enjoyable.  “Reality Check” is something of a social rock reveille; a call to arms for the truth.  The Early Strike shows a distinctive pop sensibility that’s infectious and fun.  “Party Up” is catchy, a double edged message about living the wild life.  “Shut Up!” is pure relationship dysfunction captured in song.
The Early Strike drop a positive social message in the midst of “A’s And B’s”; a catchy number about not giving in to peer pressure and standing up for yourself.  It’s a well-written tune that’s as catchy as anything and highly enjoyable.  This one has real chart potential.  “I Am Gay” could be interpreted as a declaration, or simply a joyous realization of an unexpected attraction.  Either way this song will get inside your head.  This is another number that could find The Early Strike climbing the charts.
It might have been a good choice for The Early Strike to pare down Ten Outta Ten to an EP entitled Six Outta Six.  The last four songs, and the faux-commercial “A Kind Word” don’t measure up to the first six tracks, sounding more like decent but unmotivated filler tracks than the pure pop/punk joy The Early Strike achieve on the first half of Ten Outta Ten.  The Early Strike is a band who is going places; it wouldn’t be surprising to hear The Early Strike crossing over into the pop radio realm in 2011 and climbing the billboard charts. 
Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about The Early Strike at or Outta Ten is available digitally from and iTunes.

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