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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jason Plumb & The Willing - Alive And Willing

Jason Plumb & The Willing - Alive & Willing
2011, Soccermom Records

Jason Plumb rose to prominence as songwriter and lead vocalist of Saskatchewan folk-rockers The Waltons in the early 1990's, touring with bands such as Barenaked Ladies and Junkhouse.  Darlings of the Toronto indie rock scene fueled by the then vibrant radio station CFNY, The Waltons enjoyed considerable success across Canada but never quite caught on in the US.  The Waltons were essentially done by the turn of the millennium, but Jason Plumb continued to write songs and has built a successful and highly respected body of work both on his own and with The Willing.  Early this year, Jason Plumb & The Willing released a DVD set entitled Alive & Willing, memorializing a show recorded live in Plumb's hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, and featuring the Broken Heart Strings, an offshoot of the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Alive & Willing finds Plumb culling material from across his career in a dynamic live set that aptly shows off his brilliance as a lyricist, composer and performer.  Relying heavily on material from his album Beauty In This World, the show also features songs from Under And Over and some highlights from his career with The Waltons.  The main concert is a real treat, but the big surprise is something called The Neighborhood Dog Episode, a bonus movie featuring a series of home concert performances and anecdotes.  The set also includes a live CD covering most of the audio from the main concert.  Highlights include “Beauty In This World”, “Drive”, “Protest Song/Colder Than You”, “The Water Well & The Farmer’s Hand”  and “Lolita”.  The latter is only on the DVD and not on the companion audio CD. 

The video and audio quality throughout the set is superb.  Jason Plumb & The Willing are everything you could ask for musically.  Plumb sings from the heart; without affectation, and his songs as accessible and timeless.  Alive & Willing is a don’t miss release.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Jason Plumb & The Willing at or  Alive And Willing is a limited edition release, and is available from

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