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Friday, December 14, 2012

Antje Duvekot - New Siberia

Antje Duvekot - New Siberia
2012, Antje Duvekot
It might not surprise you to learn that some pretty talented musicians worked with Antje Duvekot on her third studio album, New Siberia.  Like talent draws like talent, and Duvekot’s band have played with the likes of Paul Simon, Rosanne Cash, Jewel, Chris Botti, Levon Helm and Jonatha Brooke.  The musicianship is indeed first class on New Siberia, but what’s surprising is that Duvekot enhances her already prodigious reputation as an outstanding songwriter and performer with an even more nuanced and mature cycle of songs than her previously critically acclaimed work.

Duvekot opens with the whispering, silky cadences of "Into The City", a song of impending, preventable heartache. Duvekot's voice is absolutely entrancing, smoothly caressing the melody while placing her melancholy assessment of the facts in literate, flowing imagery. "Ballad Of Fred Noonan" recounts the Amelia Earhart tragedy from the perspective of her navigator. Duvekot proves her credentials as a songwriter and story teller in an incredibly nuanced performance. "The Life Of A Princess" is a straight forward and moving statement of being from a young woman who will not be trapped within the boundaries of a fairy tale. The simple approach is affecting, powerful and ultimately beautiful.

"Phoenix" is a plaintive and lovely song about what might have been. Duvekot has a gentle touch here, traversing the gulf between heartache and strength with surprisingly subtle grace. "New Siberia" is best described as atmospheric folk; Duvekot meanders through this song of searching almost aimlessly in a rare miss. "Glamorous Girls" speaks to all those who feel marginalized because they aren't the popular girls. Wisdom and perspective predicts that each will find their time to share in a sentimental little ballad that's sweet and well-written. "Noah's Titanic" is a quietly frenetic story song that's disturbingly wordy. The stream of conscious Duvekot utilizes here is intriguing and almost frantic at times.

"Four Stitches" is a beautiful, imagery driven piece of songwriting that is impossible to shake. New and innocent love is the theme here, and Duvekot sketches her memory here in gently flowing poetry and gorgeous melody. On "Sleepy Sea Of Indigo And Blue", Duvekot invites love from a gentle hand. This is a lovely piece of songwriting that's full of quiet beauty.

If you need affirmation of Duvekot's songwriting finesse make sure you stick around for "The Perfect Date", where everything goes wrong on the way to going write. The light pop arrangement is note-perfect, and Duvekot delivers the story and melody like they were written for her by the universe itself. New Siberia winds down with the quietly lovely "Juliet"; a moment between friends etched in time and song.

Antje Duvekot is a name I have heard over the years spoken in reverence and awe, both for her unerring sense of melody and her sense of timing as a storyteller. It's good to report that New Siberia is strong affirmation that Duvekot has not been oversold. Listeners may not connect with every song on the album, but there is consistent quality and subtle grace in Duvekot's songwriting that is impossible to ignore. New Siberia doesn't bowl you over, but it is the sort of album you'll find yourself returning to again and again. Don't miss this one.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)\
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