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Monday, December 31, 2012

Lisa Matassa - Somebody's Baby

Lisa Matassa - Somebody's Baby
2012, It Is What It Is Records
Lisa Matassa’s voice might ring a faint bell if you were a fan of dance pop back in the late 1980’s.  Signed soon after she graduated from high school by Emergency Records, Matassa had two top-ten dance singles under the name Lisa Lynn.  Matassa quickly gravitated toward original rock and roll, but her label went out of business and Matassa settled into life.  Still, she fronted a club band on Long Island for 20 years, and in 2010 found here way to Nashville with childhood friend and producer Joey Sykes.  The EP resulting from those sessions, Me Time, blended country, pop and classic southern rock.  Matassa continues that sound on her latest effort, Somebody’s Baby.

Matassa kicks things off with the powerful country/rock of "Somebody's Baby", a message of love from mother to daughter. This is a powerful tune with a kicking arrangement that will have your toes tapping. The momentum carries through to "Wouldn't You Like To Know", a paean to the secret conversations between women out at a bar on a Saturday night. Matassa's playful vocal and the rebellious rock and roll arrangement are a joyous match.

"Girl With A Rock N Roll Heart" finds Matassa recalling her youth and over the top tendencies. This is a feel good song about being yourself and chasing your dreams, and it’s incredibly catchy mix of classic rock and country has serious crossover potential. "Learning As You Grow" is a sweet song written from mother to child that's not so much apologetic as it is realistic about trying to good parent. Matassa's cover of Bryan Adams' "Heaven" is reverent to the original, but adds an orchestral country aspect that seems fitting.

Even more impressive is Matassa's cover of "I Will Always Love You", combining the sweet vulnerability of Dolly Parton's original with some of the soul and strength of the Whitney Houston cover. Matassa winds down with a solid rendition of "The Christmas Song" just in time for the holiday season. The song has a classic sound as interpreted here, and Matassa makes it hers without making it over.

Lisa Matassa has a voice that can croon a classic or belt out a rock and roll anthem. She's like a female Garth Brooks, part country star and part rock n roll queen. Somebody's Baby has it all: Bombast, sweetness, grit and heart. Not to mention a voice that will leave you begin for more. Welcome to the world Lisa Matassa. Country music has been pining for a voice like yours.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)
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