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Monday, February 25, 2013

Meredith O'Connor - EP

Meredith O'Connor – EP
2012, Meredith O’Connor
Beware the wallflower.  Meredith O’Connor never fit in.  Ostracized in school for being different, O’Connor has used her differences to become truly unique.  Singer, songwriter, model and actress, the 17-year old is on a steady rise.  Her heart is in the right place too, as O’Connor still finds time to be an official advisor for, an online information and support service for teens and young adults.  O’Connor is about to release her debut EP, featuring four original songs culled from her personal experiences and beliefs.  It is generally a pragmatic and positive look at the problems of a modern young adult.

O'Connor opens with "Celebrity", a straight up, candy coated kiss off song about making it big and rubbing it in the face of the one who dropped her. There's almost a country sensibility here, but the synth affirms the song's bubblegum pedigree. "14 Miles" finds O'Connor warning her crush that his girlfriend is going to hit the road. There is a good intent feel to this, but there's an obvious conflict of interest. The arrangement is straight ahead and solid. "Face That's Perfect" is an uncomplicated yet edgy pop crush song. O'Connor displays a keen pop sensibility here that's part Belinda Carlisle. "The Game" is an odd song of belief in another. It starts off steeped in singer/songwriter pastiche but moves into a chorus that sounds like it was inspired by Debbie Boone. It's an unsettled sound that doesn't quite fit O'Connor's voice.

Meredith O'Connor is an intriguing young artist. Her bound wire alto voice is pleasant but with a steely edge. As a songwriter O'Connor shows her young age. She has yet to find her voice as a writer, and is still playing musical dress up to find which style and sound fits her. There's little doubt, however, that she has the potential to be an impact artist one day.
Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)
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