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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kentucky Thunder - Bout Damn Time

Kentucky Thunder – ‘Bout Damn Time
2010, Kentucky Thunder
The ladies of Kentucky Thunder have been singing together for fourteen years.  The quartet has built a significant regional following in and around Nashville.  Etta Britt (Dave And Sugar), Sheila Lawrence, Jonnell Mosser and Vickie Carrico bring their dynamic performance style and vocals on their debut album, ‘Bout Damn Time, recorded live at Nashville’s 3rd And Lindsley Concert Club. 
Bout Damn Time opens with soulful southern rock of “Paper Thin”, showing off a brash and powerful vocal line.  “One Thing I Know” has a touch of Motown in the arrangement and a great chorus.  The vocal harmonies heard here are exquisite.  “I Believe” features a diva-like vocal performance and 1960’s Motown groove that’s undeniable.  “Love Is A Gift” features some great bluesy guitar and piano work in a dark song of melancholy sorrow.  “I Don’t Care Who Knows” is one of the standout tracks on the disc, featuring a classic R&B groove and some amazing piano work from Sean Coleman.  “What About Me” is a pining love song written in the wake of a relationship.  She’s still stuck on him even though he’s moved on.  The vulnerability and humanity in the songwriting are impressive.
“Better Fantasy” finds Kentucky Thunder laying down a funk groove that’s undeniable in an upbeat love song.  “Who’s Laughing At Who” turns the tables on a heartbreaker.  It’s an entertaining kiss-off full of mild vitriol that is written from a healthy perspective.  “Baton Rouge” is a rhythm & blues barn burner that finds the Kentucky Thunder Girls putting their dancing shoes on.  You will too.  Kentucky Thunder closes out the show with “My Old Kentucky Home” in four part harmony.  The performance here might have been outstanding, but the board mix leaves much to be desired, making the closing track the weakest on the album through no fault of the performers.
‘Bout Damn Time captures the live energy and presence of Kentucky Thunder nearly perfectly.  The album has a few slow moments, and the lead vocalist occasionally over sings ala Janis Joplin, but on the whole this is a very entertaining performance.  It’s apparent that Kentucky Thunder lives for the stage.  Hopefully it won’t be another fourteen years before we hear from them again.
Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about Kentucky Thunder at  'Bout Damn Time is available on CD from Kentucky Thunder's webstore.  Digital versions of the album are available from or iTunes.

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