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Friday, April 22, 2011

Modern Paranoia - I'm A Bird [EP]

Modern Paranoia - I'm A Bird [EP]
2010, Madison Records

Atlanta rockers Modern Paranoia bring their auspicious blend of punk, new wave and alternative rock n roll on the 5-track EP I'm A Bird.  Under the guiding hand of producer Dallas Austin, Modern Paranoia shines through their musical diversity, blending sounds and styles in subtle-yet-pervasive fashion.

I'm A Bird opens with the title track.  "I'm A Bird" is a catchy alt-rock number featuring the soulful vocals of Quinton "Q" Tolbert.  The energy here is incredible, pointing to the roof-raising potential of the band's live shows.  The lyrics aren't terribly well developed, but the music is danceable and the chorus will pick you up and carry you along.  "I Know" is formulaic alt-rock  with a big, catchy, guitar-driven chorus.  "Geno" is a solid album track that stands out for its vocal harmonies.  "Love" is a great high energy tune with a chorus that really rocks.    There's a 1970's classic rock feel to this number but with a modern twist.  The guitar work on this track is very reminiscent of Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme).  "Lake Song" is dark, melodic art-rock.  It's a bit convoluted and bloated musically, but represents a willingness to take creative risks.

Modern Paranoia is band still developing its sound and sense of style.  I'm A Bird shows a group of artists with distinctive talent, and a willingness to break down walls that get in the way.  The EP plays to the commercial aspects of the music business without giving over the musical motivations of the Modern Paranoia to the proverbial devil, but also explores the outer bounds of their creative limits searching for new avenues of expression.  It's a brave and intriguing effort that pays dividends in the moment, and may pay even more in the long run.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Modern Paranoia at or'm A Bird is available from as a CD or DownloadThe single is also available via iTunes.

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