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Monday, June 20, 2011

Skyler - Take You Away

Skyler - Take You Away
2011, SkyHi Records

York, Maine singer/songwriter Skyler returns in 2011 with his sophomore EP, Take You Away.  The follow-up to 2010’s Long Gone, which placed in Wildy’s World’s Top-10 albums of 2010, follows a similar path to success.  Skyler’s brand of catchy pop music is ripe with memorable melodies and clever turns of phrase.

Skyler gets things started with melodic alternapop you can't get out of your head.  "Empty Rooms" laments a life on the sidelines in a highly danceable folk/pop arrangement with strong guitar fills.  Skyler has a fine voice that rings clear in the middle.  "Hold On (Pray)" is an easy going number with a solid chorus.  Skyler manages to build the song in intensity and accent with splendid vocal harmonies, while advising listeners to not be complacent but grab life by the horns.  "Take You Away" looks forward at how things might be in a prospective relationship.  The song is built on a strong hook, and is a great listen in spite of getting too repetitive for its own good at the end.  "It Kills Me" is a circular, angst-filled rumination on unrequited love from a distance.  Well written and mildly catchy, the song conveys hope that is compelling in its apparent hopelessness.  Skyler closes with "Sentimental", one side of an argument over emotions and what is, and is not, real.  The energy is great, and the chorus will get stuck and recur in your head.  Skyler manages to sound like an affable cross between the Gin Blossoms and Dog's Eye View. 

Skyler continues to finesse his considerable talent for crafting catchy folk/pop/rock numbers that make listeners want to get on their feet and dance.  Take You Away perhaps steps back a tad from last year's Long Gone, but only in that Skyler is continuing to grow as an artist and expand his sonic territory.  Skyler shows the same energy and zest as in the past, but is also exploring the edges of his sound to see where he might go next.  The result is positive, and promises to bear much fruit down the road.  For now, you could do worse than to let Skyler Take You Away for a little while.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Skyler at  Take You Away is available digitally from and iTunes.

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