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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sarah Solovay - Gone [EP]

Sarah Solovay - Gone [EP]
2009, Sarah Solovay

Balancing the approach of an Indie singer/songwriter and pop artist is a difficult task that has eluded some pretty talented people over the years.  For New York City singer/songwriter Sarah Solovay it comes as easy as breathing.  Hers is a writing process that always begins alone with an acoustic guitar in hand.  Solovay's creations often grow into full productions with layers of sound, tangible heart and a pop sensibility that's undeniable.  This is why Solovay's music been featured on television, in movies and on major websites since 2009.  Solovay's debut EP, Gone, released in 2009, continues to be a commercial success for Solovay, even as she works toward completion of her first full length album.

Gone kicks off with the title track, a catchy bit of radio-ready pop/rock with some muscle in the chorus.  Solovay explores disbelief and heartbreak in the wake of a relationship on "Gone", using her wonderfully sultry/husky alto to illuminate a chorus you won't be able to get out of your head.  "Hearts Collide" calls out a potential love to take a chance.  Once again, Solovay has crafted an infectiously catchy tune that has radio hit written all over it without giving into the clichés of pop radio.  "You'll Never Know" is a carpe diem tune, calling out someone to live their life before it’s too late.  The message is great, and the pop sensibility here is distinguished.  Solovay advocates for personal authenticity on "All She Could Be", the story of a smart girl who chooses the "plastics" route rather than being all she's capable of.  It's great pop/rock songwriting with a memorable chorus and a positive message.  Solovay closes with an intriguingly personal open letter in song entitled "Delight".  A love song, Solovay blows cliché out of the water in an intense ballad with a modern feel. 

Sarah Solovay aptly blends the singer/songwriter aesthetic with high-value pop sensibility on Gone.  Delivering personal anecdotes in song is not uncommon for singer/songwriter types, but Solovay's depth quickly outshines the bevy of pop beauties who generally control radio airwaves.  She does so with a pop sensibility that stands up to the best, and can only mean good things down the road.  Sarah Solovay is the real deal; put her on a major label and she'd be a Top 10 selling artist.  Gone shows what an artist with potential can become when left to their own devices.  Solovay's evolution is likely not completed on Gone, but the promise of what she might be based on what she's already become is nothing less than breathtaking.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Sarah Solovay at or  is available from as a CD or Download.  The album is also available via iTunes.

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