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Monday, March 4, 2013

Katie Noonan - Breathe In Now (Video)

I get lots of emails from publicists about checking out new artists.  The volume is such that that each gets a quick look, and depending on the day I may click through a few links to see what someone sounds like.  Like any random fishing experiment, sometimes you get something decent, but more often than not its someone who sounds a little like a bunch of other people.  Perhaps pleasant to listen to but not a standout.

Then there are days like today.

This email has been kicking around in my in-box for a couple of weeks now, and relates to Australian singer/songwriter Katie Noonan.  She recently played dates in Los Angeles, New York and Philly.  She has an absolutely amazing voice and writes songs with a deeply personal touch.  The following video is a live shot from a graduation in Australia, but gives you a sense of her commanding presence live.

If you check out just one new artist this week, make it Katie Noonan.

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