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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beatles Reunion Tour Announced

AP, London - The rumors, it appears, are true.  In a hastily called press conference this afternoon at Abbey Road Studios, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr announced the holy grail of concert tours.  This summer, in select cities across Europe and throughout the United State, The Beatles will reunite for one last time.  Entrepreuneur Alki David and the surviving Beatles are planning a concert tour utilizing holograms of John Lennon and George Harrison culled from thousands of hours of existing video footage and the latest in real animation technology.

David made a splash earlier this year by announcing a posthumous world tour by the image of Amy Winehouse, and apparently has not stopped working behind the scenes to bring other artists back to life.

News of the Beatles announcement has been dogged by the fact that the press conference was held on April first, traditionally known as "April Fool's Day".  Several major media outlets have refused to cover the story, but a press release from David's office counter signed by Sir Paul himself insists it's all true.

Dates and venues are currently being negotiated, but early word is that there will be approximately 10 dates across Europe and 25-30 across the United States and Canada.

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i want to believe this but in a little skeptical