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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ten Ton Man - Chunk of Change

Ten Ton Man - Chunk Of Change
2014, Ten Ton Man

Ten Ton Man is Paul Livornese (vocals/guitar); Paul Dugan (bass); and Paul Triff (drums).  The trio stirs a unique blend of rock, blues and soul with dark lyrical pretexts and from the gut stories of death, decay and redemption. 

Ten Ton Man opens with "Chunk Of Change", a blues waltz that sounds like Johnny Cash interpreted by The Smiths. Lyrically, the song never really makes a connection with listeners, playing like an internal dialogue offered entirely out of context. "Fine Line" is an acoustic blues number with a droning feel. Ten Ton Man crafts an intriguing sound here, but the lassitude of the vocal line confounds the sound. The energy improves some on "What To Do", and the stumbling feel of the vocal line is almost an artistic parallel for the lyrical constructs used. 

Ten Ton Man has an anachronistic voice that's almost conversational in tone. That sound works in the rough hewn songs on Chunk Of Change, but the energy will need to improve to carry listeners much further than a 3 song EP. This is, however, an interesting start. 
Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)
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