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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morgen La Civita - Old Souls

Morgen La Civita - Old Souls
2010, Morgen La Civita

Old Souls opens with "On And On", a dark and mysterious rocker with elements of Middle Eastern music and bluegrass pick work.  This catchy tune is sort of a "witchy woman" for the 21st century, and is a great bit of songwriting with a catchy mien.  "What Love Can Do" has a funky groove and features La Civita in great voice.  It may not turn out to be a fan favorite, but survives nicely on La Civita's salesmanship as a performer.  "Who Is This Woman" is an interesting exploration of how we often lose sight of who we are as we grow.  La Civita crafts a lush and lovely melody while reminding us that often the child we remember is not the adult we become.  "Divine Grace" is a prayer and message in song; dark and hopeful and featuring an intriguing intellectual approach. 

With a solid start, La Civita struggles a bit the rest of the way.  Things get slow until she breaks out with the funky and vibrant "Whole Lotta Trouble".  This is a great bit of danceable songwriting and worth checking out.  "Grandmother's Song" makes the jump from From The Basement and is as charming as it was the first time around.  "925" falls flat, but La Civita recovers to close with a live version of "Pretty Marie" (also from From The Basement. 

Morgen La Civita has a voice that's full of context and character.  You might not describe it as pretty so much as full of a regal beauty.  Like royalty, there's a distance between La Civita and the listener, but her performances are informed and heartfelt in spite of that slight separation.  When La Civita is on her game the songwriting is above average, and she can occasionally save a song on the strength of her egalitarian grace, but a handful of songs on Old Souls seems uninspired.  This is one of those occasions when a highly above average EP gets turned in an average or slightly above full-length album.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Morgen La Civita at or  Old Souls is available digitally from, iTunes and CDBaby.
Singer/songwriter and voiceover artist Morgen La Civita returned on Halloween this year with her second album, Old Souls.  The effort finds La Civita expanding on the sound she debuted on her first EP ­­­From The Basement, showing growth as both a songwriter and lyricist. 

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