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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colin Gilmore - Goodnight Lane

Colin Gilmore - Goodnight Lane
2010, Colin Gilmore

Texas singer/songwriter Colin Gilmore isn't looking to trade on his dad's legacy, so while the comparisons to Jimmie Dale Gilmore are bound to be made, it is a decidedly distinct style and sound that Gilmore brings to his latest album, Goodnight Lane.  Gilmore's Texas roots are unmistakable, but Gilmore increasingly finds his own voice on Goodnight Lane.  Gilmore has shown flashes of what he might become on previous releases such as 4 Of No Kind and The Day The World Stopped and Spun The Other Way, but with Goodnight Lane Colin Gilmore has come fully into his own.

Goodnight Lane opens with “Circles In The Yard”, the story of someone with the dream of a life in music who goes to New York City and finds the Big Apple takes a bite of him.  The song is catchy and displays a distinct story-teller’s style.  Gilmore sounds a lot like Canada’s Luther Wright while displaying his own distinctive style.  “Goodnight Lane” displays classic country melancholy in a song of regret over love lost that shows the potential for beauty to grow even in the darkest of hours.  “Hand Close To Mine” is a charming country/rock love song from the perspective of the one in love with a wandering soul.  Think Blue Rodeo meets Wilco.  “Abigail” is a deep and nuanced love song about traveling together.  Uncertainty abounds but faith is essential in a profession of love and devotion that asks the same in return.

“Laughing Hard Or Crying” is catchy and danceable; a paean to living life in a space where spontaneity is the rule rather than the exception.  Gilmore captures a great dynamic here.  “Essene Eyes”  has a classic pop song feel; a light listen that’s a nice change of pace.  Gilmore digs into his instrumental side with the 1950’s rock-guitar style of “Teeth, Hair & Eyeballs”.  Gilmore takes the roots of rock n roll and infuses the birth notes of the surf style in a brilliant blend of sounds that’s at once classic and original.  Goodnight Lane closes with “Raindrops In July”, and affable blend of easy listening pop and country.  It’s a gentle close to a dynamic album that’s highly enjoyable, a sweet goodnight.

Colin Gilmore has always had his own distinctive style, but on Goodnight Lane he sets himself apart.  There’s a large constituency of artists out there practicing in the continuum of Americana music, but there’s little doubt that Goodnight Lane must be considered amongst the cream of the crop of Americana releases for 2010.  Colin Gilmore combines an impressive feel for melody and arrangement with a well-defined story-teller’s style.  Goodnight Lane is an entertaining affair that will keep you coming back again and again.  

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Colin Gilmore at or  Goodnight Lane is available from as both a CD and Download.  The album is also available digitally from iTunes.

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