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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rachel Borovik - Untangled

Rachel Borovik - Untangled
2010, Rachel Borovik

Rachel Borovik is a 20-year old singer/songwriter from Traverse City, Michigan.  Currently a student of voice and piano at the Berklee School Of Music, Borovik has been hailed as possessing the best qualities of a 1950’s lounge singer and an R&B radio starlet.  Borovik admits to being an addict, but she gets her high off of writing songs and creating music.  Borovik’s debut album, Untangled, shows a young artist just stretching her wings. 

Untangled opens with "A Pathless Path", a song of self-determination built on a middling pop arrangement.  It's a solid tune, but a bit bland as an introduction.  "Come A Little Closer" is a jazzy ballad with an awkward feel, as if Borovik had something definitive in mind in crafting this number but could never quite realize in song what she heard in her head.  "Unsatisfied" is mediocre pop/R&B featuring a highly repetitive arrangement and lyrics that wear on the listener after a while.  "You Don't Belong In My Tomorrows" has potential, but is perfected in a bland, balladeering style that just doesn't sit well with the kiss-off message.

Borovik breaks out with "Overdue", a sensual slow jam/love song with good pop sensibilities.  Borovik manages to build a catchy ballad that's amiable but carries weight at the same time.  "Middle Ground" is middle of the road pop music with a solid melody line, although Borovik stretches herself a bit too far at the top.  The result is an occasionally shrill sounding vocal that is not her best foot forward.  "How To Be A Woman" is the standout track, a song of self-reliance for the modern age.  Borovik urges her female listeners to not change themselves for a prince charming, real or imagined, but be themselves.  It's a solid, jazzy number with a sultry feel that's both tantalizing and free.  Untangled winds down with "Goodbye To Yesterdays", a meandering and repetitive tune with a solid arrangement but duplicative form and lyrics. 

Rachel Borovik has a solid voice within her comfortable range.  As long as she stays between the lines, Borovik has a pleasant sound.  The few times when Borovik stretches the limits on Untangled things go very much awry.  The songwriting on Untangled is fairly average, middle-of-the-road pop music.  There's not much here to get overly excited about, but Borovik delivers a steady stream of songs that are a comfortable, casual listen.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about Rachel Borovik at or  Untangled is available from as a  CD or Download.

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