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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kevin Morrison - Of Whom I Am

Kevin Morrison - Of Whom I Am
2010, Kevin Morrison

It's taken two years, but Kevin Morrison finally steps forward with his debut album, a musical testimonial entitled Of Whom I Am.  Written at the age of 18, Of Whom I Am reflects life as Morrison knew it at that time, a highly autobiographical comment on the world around him.  With the help of producer/uncle Andrew, Morrison has crafted a subtly polished collection of ten songs that are simultaneously fresh and worldly, cynical and open-minded.

Morrison opens with "Of Whom I Am", an introduction and declaration to a young mess who is a mess, a work in progress, and striving to Become.  Morrison projects positive outlook in a vibrant folk/country arrangement dotted with excellent guitar work.  "Company" is the touching goodbye of a soldier to his love on the verge of going off to war.  The song is full of a heartbreaking beauty, as he beseeches the one left behind to hold on and wait until he returns.  "Cry" is meandering, jazz-infused pop with an edgy singer/songwriter mask.  The solid melody plays well against the simple, open arrangement.  "Into The Sun" is a brief instrumental with piano, guitar and strings.  It's a nice, mellow change of pace that sounds like a transitional piece from a theatrical score.   "Simple Memories" is a sweet little love song that's a sluggish in its pacing but is otherwise quite nicely done.  Morrison bows with "Staying For The Stars", a solid if safe tune that would make for a decent album track but lacks the luster of a closer.

Kevin Morrison is young, a fact you'll have to remind yourself of as you listen to Of Whom I Am.  The fact is that Morrison overcomes his youth at times to deliver well-written if somewhat raw songs with the touch of youthful but practiced story teller.  Where Of Whom I Am falters you can chalk it up to the youthful indiscretions of a musician with loads of talent who is still learning his craft.  When Morrison connects on a song, there are fleeting moments of magic that with time, continuity and grace will grow into something substantial.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Kevin Morrison at or Whom I Am is available from as a CD or Download.  The album is also available digitally from iTunes.

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