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Monday, March 14, 2011

These Curious Thoughts - 2011 Demo

These Curious Thoughts - 2011 Demo
2011, These Curious Thoughts

These Curious thoughts are a band for the 21st century.  Lyricist Jamie Radford is based in London (UK) while vocalist/musician Sean Dunlop is based in the Motor City.  Radford sends his inspired brand of lyrics and ideas to Dunlop, who then composes songs around them.  Their unique songwriting style and their shared history as members of Shock Of The Cold have These Curious Thoughts thinking of bigger and better things for their music.  The band has created a demo for 2011 to help them seek out financial, industry and artist support.

These Curious Thoughts 2011 Demo opens with "The Colour Of Sound", an eclectic and angular bit of songwriting that sails the rift between dreamy psychedelia, alt- and classic rock n roll.  "I Am A Man" is a mildly catchy tune with a 1960's sound a touch of pop zeal.  The song is intriguing if a bit vague.  "Talks In Math" combines the lyricism of The Moody Blues with an urgent sensibility that seems ill-fitted but somehow works nonetheless.  This is among the most complex arrangements on the demo, and will have the musicians out there following along closely to see what These Curious Thoughts are doing beneath the surface.  "Collapse" is rumination on an unknown illness ala Ben Folds' "Narcolepsy".  The song is something of an enigma as it blends a smooth, ethereal sense with the rough nature of a garage recording.  "Sun Burns Holes" is somewhat bland, but sounds like something REM might have written quickly in-session if they'd come along two decades later.  These Curious Thoughts close with "The Truth Is Dead", with Dunlop showing off some of his best guitar work on the album.  Things get a bit too repetitive here, but These Curious Thoughts find a nice pop sound in the midst of concentric circles.

These Curious Thoughts aren't such an enigmatic act as they might have been considered even ten years ago, and their 2011 Demo shows promise, but there's still work to be done here.  Both members take part in the song craft, but there is an essential disconnect here that cannot be overcome by an internet connection.    Radford and Dunlop work well enough together, but lose the magic of truly creating together.  Consequently 2011 Demo shows flashes of what These Curious Thoughts might become, but for now they are young band with a lot to prove.  Their 2011 Demo answers a few questions, but there's still a lot to be discovered by and about These Curious Thoughts.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about These Curious Thoughts at or  These Curious Thoughts is planning two album releases later this year.  The Colour Of Sound is due on May 1, 2011, while Let's See What 2Morrow Brings is due on June 1, 2011.  Keep checking the band's websight for additional information.

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Thanks for taking the time to listen to our album.We have a new selection of Demos to send you.

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