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Monday, August 6, 2012

Nick Carter Green - ADD (single)

Nick Carter Green – ADD (single)
2012, Zuma Records
Nick Carter Green is an R&B/hip-hop artist from Chicago whose first release, XIX, received solid feedback locally and regionally.  Nick is currently working on a new album to be entitled X: The Breaking.  The first single from this new project is “ADD” a highly rhythmic and repetitive track that seeks to capture the frenetic mindset of the condition.  The song is built on a pervasive dance beat and a repetitive chorus that is almost anathema to the idea that drives the song.  There’s an irresistible catchiness to the exercise however, and you can feel your toes and hips wanting to move around like a physical draw.  Nick Carter Green raps and rhymes his way through the verses, and shows a splendidly sharp lyrical sense and even hints of a mischievous humor.  This is a likely hit in the dance clubs, and might even well-crafted for a situational song placement in a movie.  “ADD” holds great promise for the rest of what X: The Breaking might bring.
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
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