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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eric EQ Young - Just 4 You

Eric EQ Young - Just For You                         
2012, Eric Young

Eric EQ Young was born to make music. The singer, songwriter and bassist from the San Fran Cisco Bay Area has been playing the big time for two decades now. A Quincy Jones recording artist, Young has affiliations with The Dazz Band and Radiance, but is perhaps best known as the bassist for Con Funk Shun. Young steps out on front with the release of his solo EP, Just For You. Don't worry Con Funk Shun fans; the band is also planning a new release with Young firmly in the fold.

Young kicks things into gear with the sensuous, slow funk of "Why You Funkin'". This is great stuff if you're dancing, even if the incessantly repeated lyrical loop is a bit overdone. "Dance With Me" has a much fresher feel, recalling Lethe energy and vitality of Michael Jackson in his 1980's prime. "Ooh Baby Yeah" heads for the sensual slow jam territory, leaving any sense of subtlety or panache dangling at the door. The arrangement is well constructed and flows like pure poetry.

Young heads back to the dance floor with the vibrant pop/funk groove of "Let's Ride". There's an ultra-cool feel here reminiscent of DeBarge, and Young is absolutely lethal on the bass guitar. "Never Stop Loving" is repetitive and trite, lyrically, but builds its sound on majestic vocal triads that help the song to soar in spite of unimaginative lyric-craft. Young settles in for the night with "Just 4 You", a pure piece of 1980s radio-friendly R&B/pop. Jazz triads in the vocal harmonies give this a classic sound, and the groove is as solid as anything you'll find on pop/urban radio nowadays.
Eric Young brings the noise and the funk on Just For You, as well as a little bit of good old fashioned musical joy.  Young wears his influences well, but makes them sound fresh and exciting rather than dated and old.  Twenty years into a great career, Eric Young just can’t sit still.  When listening to Just For You, you won’t be able to either.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
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