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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grand Army - Love Is Gonna Eat You

Grand Army - Love Is Gonna Eat You
2013, Grand Army

Boston-based electro-art rockers Grand Army are back in action with Love Is Gonna Eat You, the follow-up to their 2009 debut Toys For Chaos. Full of big, quirky pop hooks and unusual song construction, Love Is Gonna Eat You is equally exhilarating and frustrating. Grand Army finds some sublime moments along the way ("Our Time", "Make Music" and the wonderfully catchy "Lost Our Mind"), but there is an almost mindful effort to tease the music beyond what it wants to be at times. Grand Army shows distinct potential for crafting a high impact mix of rock and pop on Love Is Gonna Eat You, but seems to get distracted by their own musical architecture. Everything here is well produced and well played, and vocalist Alicia Racine is equally convincing as a wildcat rocker or sultry crooner.  There is a lot here to like, but still a sense that Grand Army is struggling to find a comfortable musical balance.

Rating: 3

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