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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting reacquainted with a great album

Every once in a while its good reacquaint yourself with a great album you haven't listened to in a while. Life gets busy and musical mores move on, but great music has staying power.

Today's selection is Shakespeare My Butt by Lowest Of The Low. These Canadian Music Hall Of Famers are consistently remembered on best album of all time lists for this indie gem from the early 1990's.

Led by the duo of Ron Hawkins and Stephen Stanley, Lowest Of The Low had one of the most turbulent and successful careers of any early 90's Toronto Indie Rock scenester not named Barenaked Ladies.

I am working off my phone due to laptop failure and don't seem to be able to embed a video with this meager blogger app, but here is a link to the video for "Eternal Fatalist", one of my enduring favorites from the album. Enjoy!

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