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Friday, January 4, 2013

Jacob and the Good People - I Am Jacob

Jacob and the Good People - I Am Jacob
2012, Jacob and the Good People

Atlanta, Georgia (by way of Ohio) rockers Jacob And The Good People have a sound that’s influences by acts such as Dave Matthews Band, Rusted Root, Zac Brown Band, O.A.R., and Lil Wayne, to name a few.  Their infectious post-alternative pop and soul blend gets into your boots and makes them wiggle.  Some of that is the chemistry of the band and some of it is the pure persona that is Jacob Blazer.  On the band’s debut EP, I Am Jacob, Jacob and the Good People incite all of the influences above but sound mostly like they have been playing in some special sauce.

I Am Jacob opens with the light reggae-fueled folk/pop of "Crazy", a love song with a distinctive island swing. Jacob Blazer is charismatic and warm as a front man, and sells this song primarily on personal charm. "Moving" is a low energy cut of musical philosophy that has no questions and fewer answers. "Simple" is a soulful love song in the classic Philly style, with Blazer overcoming minor vocal flaws with pure charm.  "Allstar" finds Jacob playing in the same lazy/hazy soul territory as G. Love. It's an entertaining number that mixes singing and spoken word while dropping culture and fashion references from earlier days. The EP closes with "Goodbye", a tuneful kiss off from a man who is choosing a life on the road over a woman he may love, but who cannot accept him being away.

Jacob and the Good People come quickly full circle in the relationship cycle on I Am Jacob. The slow and easy feel to the songs combines with Jacob Blazer's personal charisma to create an affable listening experience. His voice isn't going to win him awards, but like other great performers before him, Blazer sells each song with such finesse you may not even notice.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)
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