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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stone Diamond - We Stole The Stars From The Black Night

Stone Diamond – We Stole The Stars From The Black Night
2013, Davin Enterprises

The men of Stone Diamond are all twenty year veterans of rock and roll.  Cy (vocals/bass); Josh (vocals/guitar) and The Tongue (drums) have overcome the sort of drama and antics that derail many bands.  In the process they have developed and intense and primal sound that is melodic and tuneful.  Writing from a simple, straightforward perspective on the world, Stone Diamond brings a bluesy perspective on their musical sound, and an ability to transcend the moment at times.  Stone Diamond’s debut album, We Stole The Stars From The Black Night, drops on October 6, 2013.

Stone Diamond throws down the gauntlet with "Love Stays", a velvet smooth classic rocker with serious pop pretensions. Lead vocalist Cy sounds more than a bit like John Thomas Griffin (Cowboy Mouth), and has serious presence.  "Let It Roll" has a bluesy underbelly and is laced with subtle guitar licks as it builds into a powerhouse chorus. You'll want your dancing shoes on here.  "Flavor Of Tears" is repetitive but musically intense, with some serious guitar work filling out the arrangement. 

"Tattoo" has a contemplative and dreamy feel, while working a guitar style that's inspired by Hendrix. The listener’s connection is a bit more tenuous this time around, but there's a lot going on in the background. "Dark Lover" recalls early 80's blues influenced bands like Cinderella and Whitesnake, right down to the incessant rhythm section and snaking guitar solos.  "U Know" is a slinky diet featuring the sumptuous voice of Mimi Moo.  The pacing is slow but the song builds in intensity as it goes.  Stone Diamond turns contemplative and wistful on "When We Were Young", a middle of the road rocker with a big, loud, repetitive chorus.   The band gets efforts for camouflage this time out, but the sonic craft can't overcome the bland nature of the song. 

"No Boundaries" is a song of hanging on that's guilty of the same sins as "When We Were Young", a trend that carries over into "Just 4 1 Day". Stone Diamond gets back to the blues for "Traumatized", but remains stuck in neutral energy wise. The band kicks out the jams on "Long Hard 5 Days", a high energy rocker about letting loose for the weekend. The chorus is uncharacteristically messy, but you'll be dancing so hard you won't notice.

Stone Diamond starts strong on We Stole The Stars From The Black Night, but struggles to maintain their initial, intense energy level across the full album.  Nevertheless there are some real rock and roll gems to be found here, and front man Cy croons like a big-time front man.  The real treat on the album, however, is the exquisite guitar work of axe-man Josh.  His sometimes subtle, sometimes in your face fills and trills enhance the musical atmosphere on We Stole The Stars From The Black Night; you’re going to like what you hear.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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