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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mark Lassiter - Endlessly EP

Mark Lassiter – Endlessly EP
2013, Mark Lassiter
Mark Lassiter, AKA The Singing Dentist or alternately, The Dentist to the Rock Stars, has cut two divergent career paths at the same time.  Lassiter discovered his love of making music after dental school, and has gone on to work with members of The Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers, Blind Melon and Collective Soul, among others.  As a dentist, he has done extensive work with MusiCares (The Grammy Foundation), providing dental care for musicians at times of need.  Lassiter continues to explore his muse.  His current EP, Endlessly, gives listeners a snapshot of his musical journey and his distinctive pop sensibilities. 
Lassiter opens with the radio edit of “Endlessly”, a sweet ballad of love and devotion.  Lassiter never entirely decides if this is a country or rock ballad, mixing elements of country guitar into what is essentially a Triple-A arrangement.  The melody is solid and easy to sing along with, and the chorus trips the light romantic.  The album track version of “Endlessly” is next, clocking in at nearly seven minutes in length.  Lassiter plays around a great deal with musical effects and mood-inducing sounds, but the song drags on far too long for the standard listener’s endurance.  The affectations of the full version are also quite distracting to what is otherwise a nice ballad.  “Life’s Like That” is a pragmatic rock anthem about the ever-changing avenues that life throws at us.  The song is radio-ready with a solid hook and memorable chorus.  Lassiter closes with a song of welcoming to new love: “You’re My Favorite (Ashley’s Song)”.  Lassiter delves into the burgeoning joy a new relationship can bring, unfettered by time and experience.  It’s a simple expression of musical joy that is beautiful in its sheer effervescence.
Mark Lassiter continues to turn out high quality rock and roll.  Endlessly is more of a snack than a meal, briefly following the process of loss, healing and finding new love.    Lassiter’s greatest strength is his ability to write from the heart; not varnishing the truth but presenting his observations in the first person and without artifice.  Catchy hooks and a warm and welcoming voice make this a treat for the ears. 
Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)
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