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Friday, January 25, 2008

Review: Evan Harriman - Wave To The Satellites

Evan Harriman - Wave To The Satellites
2007, Self-Produced/Released

Sometimes you hear a record for the first time and you just completely do not know what to make of it.

Evan Harriman is a Boston-based singer-songwriter who has played in/with/opened for/collaborated with just about everyone on the Boston music scene. He plays rock and roll piano/keyboard with a tinge of blues like nobody's business. His first solo CD has a very Dylan-esque feel to it. There is also a bit of a They Might Be Giants feel to it at times as well. The songwriting is very good, but the subject matter at times is a bit odd (Bucket of Blood, If I Was a Ballplayer, Mambo Jumbo). There's nothing wrong with odd subject matter, these just aren't the sorts of things you generally expect to hear on a rock album.

Overall the effect is a very good one. Mr. Harriman's strong and eccentric vocals combined with his keyboard styling give Wave To The Satellites an original and memorable sound. That being said, this recording isn't going to be for everyone. Musicians will like or at least respect this recording for the musicianship and writing, which are top notch. The only drawback is that it may be a little too eccentric for some.

That's too bad really, because Evan Harriman is a very talented songwriter, and the songs here are generally very good. Houseboat, Animal Or Vegetable, Special Agent, Weekend Condition and Sh!t For Brains are highlights. Backing vocals provided by Laurie Sargent are a real treat as well. Evan Harriman is worth a listen folks. You can download individual tracks from his website,, as well as purchase his CD.

Check him out, he's worth the time.

Rating: Buy It Eventually

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